This is just a ridiculously huge gun with ridiculously huge ammo (40mm). Apparently designed for outfitting robots and taking out missiles, the Redback remote controlled machine gun by Metal Storm Limited and Electro Optic Systems Holdings can demolish 3 targets in a reported 1.2 seconds.

Quickie Specs:

  • Firepower. Redback™ deploys multiple 40mm Metal Storm barrels firing a range of munitions at selectable rates of fire, including the ability to engage up to 3 targets in 1.2 seconds. With EOS precision sensors and control systems, this results in intense directed firepower.
  • Light. Redback™ will be available in system weights from 70-100 kg – less than one conventionally equipped combatant.
  • Fast. Redback™ control and servo systems will allow multiple threats to be engaged, fast enough to engage incoming missiles and projectiles for vehicle defense.
  • Intelligent. Redback™ has proven EOS networking capabilities that allow multiple systems to operate with a coordinated response to large threats.
  • Versatile. Redback™ can carry a mixed load of munitions to allow non-lethal and lethal response at the same time. This range of response is an unmet market need for peacekeeping missions and urban warfare with non-combatants present.

Via TheRawFeed

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