Monthly Archives: February 2006

Intelligent Parking Assist


Parallel parking not your forte? Never were able to reverse into spots? Well, Toyota’s new Intelligent Parking Assist (IPS) has been invented for you. Simply choose a parking spot on the car’s onscreen display and the system will guide you into the parking spot. Currently only available in Japan. Read...

Windmill Cell Phone Charger


Your cell phone just die? Too overcast for your solar charger? Already use up your last fuel cell? Luckily, Indian grad student NV Satyanarayana, has taken a cue from the hippies and brought yet another alternative energy to cell phones — wind! You plug in a small windmill with 5...

USB Airfreshner


This little sucker plugs right into your USB port and purifies the air around your cubicle by using Anion Technology. We’re a little skeptical to is effectiveness due to power demands and lack there of via a USB port, but should make for a novel gift. Available here for $27....

Fred Flintstone’s Vehicle if He Were Rich


With a claim to fame of the “first human powered vehicle (HPV) to have a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, the same material found in the fastest high-performance Formula 1 automobiles, making it the worlds most advanced three-wheeled velomobile? there’s no wonder it sports a price tag of $14,000. This recumbent...

PlayStation 3 delayed?


Sure enough within a few days of rumors of a potential PlayStation 3 release date, we have rumors of the PS3 being delayed. According to a report by Merrill Lynch, an analyst firm, the high costs and Sony’s decision to use an “ambitious new processor architecture–the Cell,” might cause a...

Another VOIP Mouse: Yappermouse


It seems like a number of these VOIP mice are popping up everywhere and just in time for the Ebay/Skype revolution. Anyway, making good use of what looks like a Skype-esque site, the Yappermouse is a regs looking mouse with a built in mic and speaker on its under carriage....

uLink iPod nano connector for old iPod accessories


Sick of throwing out all your old iPod accessories everytime Apple releases a new iPod with a whole new connector? Thanks to the uLink iPod nano connector, you won’t have to. The uLink adapter let’s you use old generation iPod accessories and connect them to your iPod nano. It will...

The Ultimate Bar Fridge

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Every good lush and football brawling buddy needs one of these. The Homepub, which retails for $1090 according to Born Rich, is the quintessential “Man’s Show? fridge as it holds a 5 liter beer can/keg that is accessible from its exterior via a door-built-in beer tap. No surprise that the...

Alcohol Breath Test Pen


Knocking back a few cold one’s with your buds is always a good time. Getting pulled over afterwards aint. To avoid these unforeseen moments in your life – yes I am referring to a DUI – all us drinkers should be carrying an Alcohol Breath Test Pen. Just blow into...



Following suit, we thought it only appropriate to introduce you to the iShirt. Sure it’s a gimmicky t-shirt, but isn’t everything preceded by an ‘i’ in the name? The iShirt is actually pretty neat as the ‘i’ in iShirt is in (enough ‘i’s in a row for you) fact an...

Thanko MP3 Watch


We’re convinced that the MP3 watches will never be a huge hit. Why you ask? Cause, who wants a cord draped from their wrist to their ears. But, then of course there’s the ‘James Bond factor’ in us all, and perhaps a manufacture will squeeze Bluetooth into the equation for...

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