Monthly Archives: February 2006

World’s First Hover Board


An individual by the name of Jason Bradbury has built a “Back to the Future 2? hover board. The board is made of wood, gets its hover from a leaf blower, and propulsion is powered by a 1hp model aircraft engine. Check out his site for all the details. Via...

Panasonic: World’s Smallest LCD Projector


Panasonic’s new LCD projector, which claims to be the world’s smallest and lightest, also sports a conveniently built in SD card reader for instantly displaying photos and movies. The PT-P1SD is about the size of a book (230 x 190mm) and ways 1.3kg. Any intrusive light into the darkened room...

Special Robot to Help Children


Ahhhh, isn’t this cute? Anty is an intelligent robot designed to entertain long term hospitalized children. When the robot finally comes to fruition in 2007 it will walk, talk, show feelings, and will be able develop different personalities. Anty will also be able to react to touch, and turn his...

Tee2Green Sureshot GPS


This might be the biggest thing to come to the golf course since the Golf Segway. The Sureshot GPS by Tee2Green is ready to give you an unfair advantage on the course. The Sureshot features a GPS to determine distances on the course — either to the hole, hazards, or...

Google Page Creator

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Google has announced its latest free web service, Google Page Creator. Google Page Creator is set to take on Yahoo’s Geocities. However, in typical Google fashion, they’re going to do it bigger and better. FREE! WYSIWYG – no HTML knowledge needed Google’s Page Creator will offer up 100 MB compared...

Apple 6G iPod Video Photo


Since the rumor mill has been going crazy about these supposed leaks of 6G iPod Video photos, I figured I’d share the latest with you. The 6G (sixth generation) iPod Video is supposedly going to be controlled via its 3.5″ touchscreen display, so this very well could be the new...

Chocolate XBox 360


The Chocolate XBox 360 It may not work, but it’s definitely the most delicious XBox 360 ever made. This is definitely not a brown version of the XBox 360. This is actually chocolate shaped like an Xbox 360. And you thought your XBox 360 had overheating issues? Imagine a wad...

iTunes Music Store: 1 billion downloads


Last night the Apple iTunes Music Store sold its one billionth download. Alex Ostrovsky from West Bloomfield bought the one billionth song — “Speed of Sound” by Coldplay. For buying the billionth song, he received a $10,000 iTunes music card, 20″ iMac, and ten 60 gig iPods. I can make...

BlueTrek X2 Bluetooth Headset for Extreme Sports


Bluetrek’s new X2 bluetooth headset means you can be pants down (expression people) in a rain storm and still chit chat your chattering teeth away. Marketed as use for “extreme conditions,? the X2 is water and shock resistant – so don’t go doing cannon balls into the back yard pool...

Golf Segway


In the ever growing search to popularize the Segway, the New Hampshire inventors have turned to the fairway. Sporting a golf bag attachment, extra rugged wheels, and an extended battery, the Segway GT (Golf Transporter) will provide up to 14 miles of cruising. Available now in the UK for $7k....

Baby Cry Analyzer


Part of the parental instinct is just knowing what your baby needs. For those that lack this intuitive quality (i.e. fathers) the WhyCry Baby Monitor maybe the first step in easing Mom’s anxiety attacks. The WhyCry analyzes the baby’s “crying power, frequencies of cry, intervals between crying, and associates the...

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