Nextel is set to introduce a handheld device from Kangaroo at Nascar race ways that will take you from the stands to the pit. The Nascar Nextel Fan View operates over a 2.5GHZ frequency and provides the race video coverage, race radio broadcast, up to seven in car camera channels, direct audio feed from the pit and driver (doesn’t this give strategy away?), audio replay, and a live feed from the official timing and scoring system. Doesn’t sound like you will be able to purchase this bumble bee looking handheld. Rather, you’ll have to rent the device from Nascar/Nextel for $50 a day or $70 a weekend – as if Nascar ain’t rich enough. Or you can pick up Kangaroo’s other device, the IVT100, but it doesn’t look like their online store is up and running just yet.

Via MobileMag

Christen Costa

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