If you’re like me and have 10+ foot ceilings, having a telescoping light bulb charger is an absolute must. However, my $20 light bulb changer I got from home depot works using old fashioned springs. It hooks onto a bulb, you twist it in, and and yank to pull it off the bulb, praying it doesn’t take down the fixture with it.

Step aside springs. Thanks to Herrington, you can now get the Cherry Picker Motorized Bulb Changer. This telescoping changer features six bulb changers which are fully motorized. The hands grasp onto the bulb and feature torque-limiting circuitry to avoid cracking any bulbs.

Also unique to the device is the head is bendable, so it should make changing those lightbulbs on your candelabra possible!

Pretty cool for the modern for the modern homeowner, and priced to move at $89.95. Buy yours from Herrington today.

via Red Ferret

Christen Costa

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