Daily Archives: February 27, 2006

Blu-Ray Movie Release Date Announced


Sony has set a target release date of May 23rd for the first wave of Blu-Ray hi-def discs to appear retail. This release date coincides with the first available Blu-Ray player by Samsung. First wave titles include: 50 First Dates, The Fifth Element, Hitch, House of Flying Daggers, A Knight’s...

Record 175 Hours of Telephone Calls


If you have a penchant for recording your calls, but can’t organize your VHS collection, then you might wanna consider this handy (no pun intended) device. The FeaturePhone 175 Call Recorder can store up to 175 hours of calls on one disc, store 500 contacts, and includes a built in...

Apple Has 51.3% of Japanese MP3 Market


Business Week is reporting that Apple has sunk its teeth into the Japanese market and is leaving its mark. Apparently, Apple has already grabbed 51.3% of the digital music player market in Japan, which is up from 32% in 2004. So much for Sony and other Japanese companies holding the...

Pantech’s Concept Phones


Pantech will soon be hitting US shores with some hip phones on the Helio network. For now, check out these concept phones by Pantech. Cancro: an iPod-like unit with DMB Echo: a digital camera-like design Libro: tilt and slide with DMB Muse: “a sporty spinner” My Music: self-explanatory Phone Theater:...

Motion Detecting Security Phone


We saw a phone similar to this not too long ago that monitored audio to detect home intrusion. The SecuPhone takes a slightly different approach by monitoring movement via a built-in motion detector. If it detects an intruder’s presence the phone dials a preprogrammed number that allows the user to...

Remote Controlled Machine Gun

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This is just a ridiculously huge gun with ridiculously huge ammo (40mm). Apparently designed for outfitting robots and taking out missiles, the Redback remote controlled machine gun by Metal Storm Limited and Electro Optic Systems Holdings can demolish 3 targets in a reported 1.2 seconds. Quickie Specs: Firepower. Redback™ deploys...

Asono Mica Necklace MP3 Player


Yes, its strange looking. Is it practical? Sure if you want an MP3 player with built in headphones (adapter available to use your own). This strange looking MP3 player by Asono will get you about 12 hours of play back and one unsatisfied mugger due to misleading iPod like white...

The Flipper: Remote Controlled Middle Finger


And I thought wireless fart machines were the pinnacle of remote controlled pranks. But watch out fart machine, The Flipper takes the prize. For $27.89, you can flip someone the bird via the remote control. Pick yours up at Prank Place. via ubergizmo...

DirecTV Direct Flix: Video on Demand


Looks like DirecTV is about to debut Direct Flix, their cleverly named video-on-demand service. It was only a matter of time since cable has had this for years. No announcement on price or when it will debut. via Gizmodo...

Bratz Liptunes MP3 Player


Is your little girl begging you for an MP3 player? Then you might want to checkout the Bratz Liptunes MP3 Player for her. Sure you’re paying mostly for the Bratz brand and the silly design, but nothing will make her happier. Except for a Pink iPod nano. Features 128 MB...

Bacon Bandages


Alright, these may not be a gadget, but I couldn’t resist. Sick of your Spider-Man Band-Aids? It may be time to pick up a tin of Bacon Strips Adhesive Bandages. Guaranteed to be the weirdest, tastiest bandage you’ll ever put on. via Popgadget...

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