Daily Archives: February 22, 2006

Rubik’s Cube for the Blind


If it wasn’t hard enough solving that damn Rubik’s cube, try blind folding yourself and going purely on touch. The Touch Rubiks Cube’s sides all feature a different and supposedly tactilely distinguishable surface: metal, wood, textile, stone, rubber, and plastic. Looks to be concept only here. Via OhGizmo...

8 GB Stick & Stor for your cell phone


US Modular is now offering an 8 GB Stik & Stor memory expansion for your cell phone. The Stik & Stor with cell phones that use MicroSD or T-Flash slots. The Stik & Stor attaches on the outside of your phone and a blue ribbon cable connects internally to the...

AudioEngine’s A5 Bookshelf Speakers Are No Ordinary Read


These speakers are no ordinary bookshelf bunch. Audioengine’s A5 speaker’s feature set includes a power port to charge your iPod while listening, an internal power amplifier so no external receiver needed, a few subwoofer ports for some boom, and Kevlar woofers. Another neat feature is the additional AC plug found...

Cell Phone with 432 Hour Standby Time


How would you like a phone that you’d have to charge two, maybe three times a month? I know I would given the 2-3 standby time on my S710. Aving News is reporting that the Haier V280 supports up to 18 days of standby time. Not the most feature laden...

Medical Info On a USB Drive


With no software needed, and works with almost any OS, the MedicTag USB keychain is a quick and simply way to carry all your medical info. Just plug into a Windows based machine via USB port and fill out the included form using MS Word. Although it won’t serve as...

MacAlly FMCup Car Wonder


Not too long ago we featured a 3 in 1 MP3 player (charger, FM transmitter, and player). Now Macally has their own version for the iPod called the FMCup, which includes 4 rubberized spring loaded mounts allowing it to slip comfortably into most standard or oversized cup holders. Plugs into...

Samsung SyncMasterMagic CX719TD


The Samsung SyncMasterMagic CX719TD features a 17″ LCD screen that doubles as a touchscreen surface. The entire surface uses an electromagnetic field that allows input via a stylus (the same technology used in TabletPC’s). The SyncMasterMagic CX719TD is currently only available on the Korean B2B market. via Akihabara News...

Pinnacle PCTV USB Stick


Digital TV tuners for computers ain’t nothing new. However, the new Pinnacle PCTV USB Stick looks likes a pretty slick package. The tiny PCTV USB Stick plugs right into your USB port with no additional cables. The PCTV USB Stick also ships with an external attena and remote control. Pinnacle...

Radar Watch


Is a binary watch not nerdy enough for you? Need a little something extra to turn off the ladies? Then check out the Radar Watch at ThinkGeek. The Radar Watch features your standard analog display as well as a silly radar on the left. The radar screen shows an airplane...

Keychain Touchless IR Thermometer


Ever just want to know the temperature of the surface area of some random object? Me neither. But just in case you did, ThinkGeek offers up a Touchless IR Thermometer. This keychain-sized gadget lets you check the surface temperature of an object at the touch of a button. It works...

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