Daily Archives: February 21, 2006

Kosher Cell Phones


The Inquirer is reporting that a cell phone manufacture in Israel may drop the pork and shell fish from its diet and go Kosher. Not sure what would make the phones ‘Kosher’ but theory is that removing Internet and Text message (fear of SPAM) services should accomplish this religious feat....

CellStick Provides Quick and Easy Phone Backup


There’s no doubt that it totally blows to manually enter you phone book’s contents into your cell. Even worse is when you go through this pain staking task and then lose your phone. Most phones these days sport Bluetooth or a USB interface enabling home base hook up, but for...

Remote Controlled Spy Plane that Can Drop Messages


The X-Plane is no ordinary remote controlled air plane. Probably threatening national security in some form, the X-plane can covertly snap digital photos as it cruises over head, and can even deploy a “harmless plastic bomb, a tiny storm trooper with parachute and even includes a paper aeroplane, that will...

Sony confirms possible PlayStation 3 delay


Shortly after analyst firm Merrill Lynch announced a possible PS3 delay, Sony confirmed the rumors yesterday by announcing a possible PlayStation 3 delay. Sony still said they plan a spring PS3 release date, but that the release date could be pushed back if the copy-protection technology used by Blu-ray discs...

Intelligent Parking Assist


Parallel parking not your forte? Never were able to reverse into spots? Well, Toyota’s new Intelligent Parking Assist (IPS) has been invented for you. Simply choose a parking spot on the car’s onscreen display and the system will guide you into the parking spot. Currently only available in Japan. Read...

Windmill Cell Phone Charger


Your cell phone just die? Too overcast for your solar charger? Already use up your last fuel cell? Luckily, Indian grad student NV Satyanarayana, has taken a cue from the hippies and brought yet another alternative energy to cell phones — wind! You plug in a small windmill with 5...

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