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Nissan Terranaut Star Trek Vehicle

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If there is any car that is Star Trek meets SUV, this is it. The Nissan Terranaut has gotta be one of the lowest capacity SUVs at 3 seats, but the sacrifice is the cab that is all computer lab; features a 360 degree swivel chair. To accommodate easy entry...

DX1 Input System: Customizable Keyboard


The Ergodex DX1 Input System is the ultimate in customizable keyboards. The DX1 is a clear tray with 25 included buttons that can be placed in any arrangement and programmed to do any function. Each button on the DX1 Input System let’s you use whatever label you went. Heck, since...

Speed Measuring Baseball


When I was a little leaguer one thing I always wanted to know is how fast could I throw. Thanks to the Radar Pitch Baseball, my childhood desire has been fulfilled, albeit 15 years late. Just toss the ball up to 80’ away and then view the built in LCD....

Uncap the 100 Song Limit on the RAZR and SLVR


Some misfit iTunes users have apparently discovered code in the most recent installment of iTunes that leads to a hidden page on the iTunes Music store that will unlock the bizarre 100 song cap on Motorola iTunes phones. Purportedly the page reads: “Want more music on your mobile phone with...

Samsung’s Ultra Small Phone – SGH-P300


Samsung’s SGH-P300 is unbelievably small and still packs a punch. At just 8.9mm (0.35″) thick, the phone is supported by a 1.3 megapixel camera, a 262k color screen, and all the while can playback a laundry list of audio formats (MP3/AAC/AAC+/e-AAC+) via its 80MB of on board memory. Doesn’t sound...


Terrafugia Transition Flying Car


Terrafugia, a startup by MIT grad student Carl Dietrich, is posed to deliver a fully operational flying car prototype by 2008. The Terrafugia Transition flying car, or “personal air vehicle,” as they’ve been calling it, is just a model right now. The Transition is expected to get 30 miles per...

New Lara Croft Live Action Model


Even before there were the Tomb Raider movies, Eidos has always have live action models dressed as Lara Croft touring the nation. With the upcoming Tomb Raider: Legend for XBox 360, PSP, PS2, and PC, it’s no suprise they’ve picked a new Lara Croft. Introducing Karima Adebibe. Karina Adebibe, a...

Motorola W220 RAZR-Lite


Motorola has announced a discount version of the RAZR, the Motorola W220. This highly affordable RAZR offers the same slim clamshell form factor with the following features: 128×128 color screen FM radio (but no MP3 s) 3 Icon Outsite display (but no callerd ID screen) 497 minutes of talk and...

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