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Color Changing Spoons Stop Burns

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This a neat but some what flawed product due to hot spots created by microwaving heating – nothing that can’t be solved with a quick stir. Place the temperature indicating spoon in the food, nuke away, and when the food hits 120F it changes color. Set of 3 Available here...

Bass Tube To Go Twist Off Speaker System


Having 2 portable speakers for the iPod is one thing, but a bass tube included in a portable package is another. The Think Outside Boomtube H2O1’s two speakers twist off a cylindrical package to reveal two speakers and a bass tube with over 40 watts of sound. Weighing just over...

Nec Releases MP3/PMP w/ Translator Function


NEC is due to release a 30 gig MP3/PMP player at the end of March in Japan called the VoToL km No-mv300. Just twist the silver knob to switch between MP3, PMP, and pics. It sports a 65k 2.7? color screen, SD card slot, English-Japanese translator (we think you can...

Sweet Scented Ring Tones


You know those little cell phone charm bracelets that are all the rage in Japan and China? Well check it, cause when there’s a call your nose will raise in the air with sweet delight as these charms emit a flavored scent. The product site isn’t clear at all, and...

Win A Pair Of AirCable Bluetooth HiFi Headphones


Come ooooon down, enter a comment, and get a chance to win a pair of AirCable HiFi Headphones ($99 value). A few weeks ago we gave a review of these foldable, light weight, Bluetooth HiFi headphones and now we’re giving away a pair to one lucky Gadgetreview reader. It’s simple...

Sony Ericsson W950i Walkman Phone


Sony Ericcson has announced its latest Walkman-branded music phone, the Sony Ericsson W950i. The W950i features a 4 GB hard drive like the Nokia N91 and the Toshiba W41T. The Sony Ericsson W950i will run on the same OS as the M600i and will feature: 2.6″ touchscreen display with handwriting...

NVIDIA GoForce 5500 Announced


NVIDIA has announced a powerful mobile GPU, the NVIDIA GoForce 5500. The GoForce 5500 is design to bring powerful video processing to mobile devices while saving on battery life by offloading processing from the core processor. The GoForce 5500 promises: Digital TV – Support for popular standards like DVB-H, ISDB-T...

Oven Thermometer with Timer


I’m about as lazy as the come when it comes to grilling and cooking. I’m not even willing to stand by the grill or the oven. I need to veg out the couch. Enter the Oven Thermometer with removable pager. This oven / grill thermometer will page its wireless pager...

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