Daily Archives: February 13, 2006

Seagate to make 12GB cell phone drive


Seagate plans on shipping a larger capacity version of its 1″ hard drive later this year. The new drive will store 12GB, 50% larger than its current maximum. These 1″ drives are commonly used in cell phones and small MP3 players. Sure beats the 4GB drives that have found their...

Coffin PC


This is just flat out strange, but I guess anything can be modded into a PC case. Includes a few front side ports and jacks, an LCD embedded in the coffin door, slide out keyboard, and a glowing cross at the foot. We’re assuming it can wirelessly connect to Heaven...

Nokia 6131 Cell Phone Announced


Nokia announced yet another phone at the 3GSM, the Nokia 6131. The Nokia 6131 sports a clamshell design with a 1.3 MP digital camera, MP3 and FM radio, Bluetooth, microSD expansion slot, and push to talk connectivity. The Nokia 6131 should be available in Q2 of 2006 for $330 USD....

MP3 Player VoIP Telephone

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I am sorry, is there anything that won’t have WiFi or VoIP integration? This little ditty, the BELCO ‘BCIP-1000′ MP3P, is both a MP3 player and a VOIP telephone. Just plug the device into a USB port and chit chat away (not sure if the included headphones sports a mic)....

iPillow MP3 Speaker


Not too long ago we featured a pillow with a built in speaker – it all appeared sort of ‘ad hoc’. The iPillow (how original) features 3? stereo speakers neatly embedded into its core, a pouch for an MP3 player, and a large rotary knob to control volume. Requires 6...

iPods for Sale in 7-11 Convenient Stores

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According to ifoApplestore, Apple is now selling Nanos and iPods in 7-11 stores in Japan. Unfortunate for us, the pic has no identying 7-11 marks, but it is obvious that the store is more candy and convenient centric then electronic. The display reminds me of the condom aisle (pretty colors...

RFID Shopping Assist Robot


RFID Shopping Assist robots went live in Japan this past week. Looking very much like an automated floor cleaner, the RFID Shopping robot guides its shopper from store to store via RFID tags embedded in the floor, or at the product level. The robot provides product and store information via...

Nokia 6136 UMA Cell Phone Announced


Nokia’s third cell phone announced at 3GSM, the Nokia 6136, is the most featured packed of the trio. The Nokia 6136 suppots UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access), which allows for seamless transition between GSM and WLAN networks. What this means is you can easily switch from your cell phone network to...

Kids FireFly Cell Now Available at Cingular


Remember that GPS trackign kids’ cell phone? Minus the GPS, you can now pick up the Firefly, a 5 button kids phone with up to 20 programmable numbers, with incoming and outgoing call restrictions, and of course the pertinent 911 button. Other features include a Mom and Dad button, cool...

Nokia 6070 Cell Phone Announced


Alongside the 3GSM conference today, Nokia announced its Nokia 6070. The 6070 is a basic camera phone with a stereo FM radio, MP3 player, and web browsing via its EDGE support. The phone should be available in Q2 of 2006 with an estimated retail price of $160. via Press Release...

HP iPAQ hw6900 Smart Phone Released


HP has released its latest smart phone, the iPAQ hw6900. The hw6900 is an update to their hw6515. What new features can you expect? Windows Mobile 5.0 3″ 240×240 screen 416 Mhz Intel Processor Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 1.2, and GSM/EDGE mini-SD slot with 45MB internal storage memory 4 hour battery life...

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