Daily Archives: February 9, 2006

Art Work that Creates Actual Radiant Heat


Mixing design with functionally, the Heatwave is an actual modular heater that is crafted of concrete and aluminum, and is consolidated by glass fibre (whatever that means). The prototype was first designed in 2003, but until recently was not made for sale to the public. Apparently, a water version will...

Voice Activated Lock Box


Fingerprint access is so yesteryear. Step one foot closer into the world of voice activated mainframes, and lock your personals in the voice activated Off Limits Voice Vault Toy lock box. The system’s security is two fold requiring its user to speak not only the magic word, but be a...

Temperature Telling Pacifier


I have to question the accuracy of this device, but I applaud its makers for the concept. Just jam this sucker in the..well, the sucker’s mouth, and you’ll have a painless, cry free temperature reading. Sports an easy to read display with a ‘Glowing Fever Alert’. Less fuss for just...

Bullet Shaped Cell Phone Charger


Tiny, probably over rated, but convenient. The Turbo Charge is a bullet shaped emergency charger. Just connect to your cell phone and get a reported 2 hours of talk time, and up to 40 hours of standby time (obviously they don’t know my phone). Its blue glowing tip turns off...

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory PC Case


As an homage to Wolfenstein’s “Enemy Territory? a Polish fellow has outfitted an Athlon 2200+ with a case that looks like a battlefield radio. It even sports a matching keyboard and mouse. Took the creator, Marcin Krupa, about 9 months to build and isn’t half bad for his first case....

Touch Screen iPods Reported


Think Secret reports a 3.5? display iPod with touch screen control is in the works. Touch screen means the demise of the manual click wheel, and the entrance of an all digital click wheel that will purportedly appear on screen by user touch. Apparently, this 6G iPod has been in...

Windows Vista Release Date


Microsoft has created a viral marketing campaign for users to guess the Windows Vista release date. You enter a date and you get a video download and it tells you whether youR guess is too early or too late. Luckily, some clever web developer looked where the video files are...

USB Mini Vacuum Cleaner


NURICOM, a Korean PC peripheral manufacturer, has created yet another silly USB powered device for us — a USB vacuum cleaner. The USB vacuum cleaner is designed to help you clean your laptop / keyboard and is completely powered by USB. Suggested retail price is 10,000 KRW or $10. via...

ELP Laser Turntable


True audiophiles will tell you nothing sounds better than Vinyl. However, no one can argue that taking a needle to your Vinyl will one day wear it out. But finally there may just be a compromise — the ELP Laser Turntable. ELP has supposedly been making and manufacturing the Laser...

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