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iCool smelly MP3 Player

SolidAlliance has released what is perhaps the most bizarre MP3 player -- the iCool. The iCool MP3 Player has its own... smell. The iCool is available in chocolate, roses, lemon, strawberry, raspberry or blueberry. The MP3 play...

Nokia N80 and Nokia 6282 FCC Approved

The FCC has just approved two new Nokia phones: The Nokia N80 -- a UPnP phone with WLAN support which was announced in NovemberThe Nokia 6282 -- a slider music phone with FM radio announced in DecemberNow that these phones have...


Motorola RAZR Z: Sliding RAZR

The Motorola RAZR Z, the sliding version of the ridiciulously popular Motorola RAZR, is finally out of the rumor mill. The 14.8 millimeter sliding phone has been debuted in Korea, where it was designed and developed. The RAZR Z...