Daily Archives: February 7, 2006

Face Armor – F.A.S.T.


The Predator Facial Armor System Technology (FAST) is designed to provide added protection from debri, gun fire – you name it – for vehicle mounted personel (think HumV gunner duty) and those in airborne chemical warefare zones. Weighing just 1.4lbs, the FAST is light enough for all day use, and...

Another Self Dictating Digital Pen


We recently saw a pen that dictates hand written notes to its on board flash memory. The Mobile Note Taker from Pegasus does just that, but sends and confirms what is written to a small LCD screen based unit all without the use of special paper. The onboard memory can...

Never Lose Keys with the Loc8tor

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Soon losing your keys maybe a thing of the past. The Loc8tor works by attaching items with stamp sized RF tags (look larger in the pic) that are good to up to 600 feet from the handheld device. Tags can even be set to a proximity alarm, so if they...

Bluetooth Headset for Cell and MP3 Player – Blueye

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Connecting to your cell phone via Bluetooth, this little device will insure you don’t miss that 3 o’clock conference call because you were too engrossed in Franz Ferdinand while playing your PSP. Similar to the PAN-300VT MP3, the Blueye is both a Bluetooth headset for your cell phone, and ear...

VOIP Talkie Keyboard


A4Tech is due to unveil its Talkie keyboard at Cebit Germany 2006 on March 9th. The keyboard features a VOIP compatible handset and what appears to be a stainless steel like finish (probably painted plastic). Based on the pic, it looks like there may be a small speaker grill for...

New iBook in March?

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Thinksecret reports that the new Apple iBooks may arrive sooner then previously thought, perhaps as early as this March. Apparently the 12? and 14? models will be replaced by a 13.3? widescreen laptop sporting Intel’s Core Solo processor. Via Macrumors...

Fiber Optic Floors


Fiberoptic Floors, Inc. may be having a little too much fun with fiber optic technology. The company is able to embed fiber optics strands into ceramic tiles using a waterjet process. The strands are then hooked into a halogen light source. The strands are layed based on a CAD design...

1 GB iPod nano released


Want an iPod nano but the price was holding you back? Apple announced its latest iPod — the 1GB iPod nano for only $149. The iPod nano will have the same form factor and features as the 2GB and 4GB models. Think this means the death of the iPod shuffle?...

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