Daily Archives: February 3, 2006

Sanyo Air Wash Washing Machine


For a cool $2200 you too can have a washing mean that recycles wash water and uses air to freshen clothes. The Sanyo Aqua is the worlds first drum washing machine to feature an Air Wash function that pushes air through clothing to disinfect and deodorize. It recycles water by...

Blueado Mini Media Center


The Blueado Mini Media Center will complement, not eclipse your living room at just 4″ tall, 8″ wide, and 12â€? long – plus its nice and slick looking. Preinstalled with My Blueado proprietary interface, consumers should be able to set up speaker config, TV signal, and program guide in a...

Impossibly Thin MP3 Player – Digital Audio Card


Sherwood has introduced a tiny ass, but somewhat ugly (cover dependent of course) and not so fully functional MP3 player. Measuring just 5×61Ă—91mm and weighing 48.5g, it should make the Digital Audio Card one of the thinnest. Don’t expect ID3 tags as its small screen purportedly display 2 digits, and...

Sony Phone MP3 FM Transmitter


If you’re gonna rock a phone that supports MP3 playback you might as well go for the whole kit and caboodle. The MMR-60 FM Transmitter is compatible with the W810, W600, Z520A, and the W800. Just attach the bottom feeder, tune to the set frequency on the chosen radio and...

The “I Smell Burning Rubber” Racing Seat

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Although VRX Pro PC racing seat has been on the market for a while, it looks like it falls just short of producing the smell of burning rubber. This mac daddy of racing game chairs sports LED lighting effects, a Logitech Drive Force Pro steering wheel for real time feedback,...

Easy Glider Personal Transportation System


It’s a grown up Big Wheel – if you remember Big Wheels that is. The Swiss made Easy Glider is powered by a 360watt motor, is eco friendly, virtually silent, and recharges on descent (we don’t know how fast or for how long). The signal wheel device is available in...

WiFi Hotspot Anywhere Router


Take you and your friends – and their laptops – anywhere and still have high speed Internet for the bunch. The Kyocera/D-Link KR1 Mobile Router does just that by snagging a broadband signal from high speed EV-DO, and creating a mobile WiFi hotspot (802.11g). Sounds like the only catch is...

Nolia N91 FCC Approved


The Nokia N91, a music phone with 4 GB hard drive, was originally set for fourth quarter of ’05. However, the Nokia N91 was delayed back in September. The good news is the Nokia N91 just got FCC approved, so we should definitely see this phone in Q1 of this...

Herman Miller Aeron Chaise

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The Herman Miller Aeron is one of the most famous, ergonomic office chairs. It’s featured in movies and design museums. And most importantly, it’s featured in my office. Designer Sietze Kalkwijk has created a Herman Miller Aeron Chaise. A chaise is basically a chair with a built in ottoman. However,...

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