Daily Archives: February 2, 2006

Measure Wet or Dry with One Scoop


Your probably looking at this wondering what the hell it is. The Swissmar® Nuscüp™ Wet/Dry Measuring Scoop not only scoops the contents out with the flick of a button, but enables its cook to adjust measurement with the same button. No motors, no batteries, no mess. Available here in three...

Highway to the (Apple) Danger Zone


A new British War Ship called the HMS Daring, is sporting iPod docks in its mess hall areas. The question remains if the captain has a dock installed on the bridge? After all, when you go into battle you want your fave play list. Ask Maverick, he knows what I...

Glorified FM Recorder iPod Wannabe

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How would you like to pay an iPod price for a glorified FM recorder, with a total capacity based on SD card ownership? The Talkmaster II, by Sun Denshi corp Japan, will retail from $240 to $330, and can record radio broadcasts. A timer can be set to record up...

Charge Any USB Device on AC Power


With necessity comes need, and with that comes the iArm USB AC adaptor. Taking a design cue from the iPod AC charger, the device allows any USB based portable device to now be charged via wall socket. Applicable products: the soon to be discontinued (rumor) Apple Shuffle. According to TechJapan...

Treo 700w coming to Sprint February


Previously announced to come to the Sprint network end of March, the Treo 700w should reach the Sprint network as soon as the end of February according to Bear Stearns analysts in a note sent to their clients. The Treo 700w debuted on the Verizon network back in January and...

iHome iPod Alarm Clock


Sick of waking up to static with your current FM alarm clock? Then grab your iPod and plug it into the new iHome alarm clock and you can wake up to your iPod playlist in stereo. The iHome is a fully-featured AM/FM alarm clock with a dock for your iPod...

Brookstone Digital Photo Keychain


Still looking for that Valentine’s Day gift? Brookstone may have the answer for you with the Digital Photo Keychain. This keychain-sized digital photo frame features 1″ square, backlit screen to display your favorite digital photos. The 512Kb of internal memory should be able to hold 56 images (obviously shrunk down...

Motorized Telescoping Light Bulb Changer


If you’re like me and have 10+ foot ceilings, having a telescoping light bulb charger is an absolute must. However, my $20 light bulb changer I got from home depot works using old fashioned springs. It hooks onto a bulb, you twist it in, and and yank to pull it...

Datel XBox 360 4GB Hard Drive

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Datel is now offering an XBox 360 4GB Portable Hard Drive. The external drive connects to the XBox 360 via USB 2.0, where it also draws its power. The hard drive is tiny and features a flowing green power button. The hard drive is available for pre-order on Dark Planets...

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