Okay, forget fuel cell mobile phones, it’s time for urine powered cell phones. Fuel cells require either fuel or water. Both not always on your person. But think about what you’re always carrying in your bladder.

Luckily some physicists in Singapore have. They’ve developed a battery that can be powered by human urine.

Just 0.2 ml of urine will provide you with 1.5 Volts producing a maximum power of 1.5 mW. No, not enough to power a cell phone, but you probably have more than 0.2 ml of urine in you. (The average bladder can hold 400 – 600 ml — yeah, I did the research).

The battery is made from a layer of paper that is soaked in copper chloride (CuCl) and then placed between magnesium and copper. The final product has dimensions of 6cm x 3cm, and a thickness of just 1 mm.

It’s both sanitary and cost effective!

via Cellular News

Christen Costa

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