Siemens Dressman: ironing mannequin

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5 Comments to Siemens Dressman: ironing mannequin

  1. I bought it and it works. As Wim says, there are still small creases under the arm and down the shirt (the part that goes in the pants!), but not on the sleeves. So, don’t expect the shirt to be perfect but you can expect a very good result. It’s easy to use. It takes time but as Al says, you can watch TV while your shirt is being ironed !! You must also know that it is big and takes quite a lot of room. In brief, I am happy with my purchase since I hate ironing !!!

  2. I now own the Dressman and am thrilled with it. Once I got the hang of putting the shirt on the mannequin, there were no unsightly wrinkles that the other review mentions. Keep in mind that since the shirt “inflates” you will not get creases along the shirtsleeves, nor will the Dressman iron knit/polo shirts. One more consideration: this device does not necessarily save time, but it does free you up to watch TV or do something else while it runs. Recommended!!

  3. I’ve used, and if you actually want your dress shirt ironed, use an iron or take it to the drycleaner. Unless you wear a suit over it all the time, the unsightly wrinkles under the arm will spoil your smart looks. Better roll up your sleeves too, since the shirt cuffs don’t come out particularly well pressed. My advice: postpone your purchase until Siemens has ironed out these shortcomings.

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