Monthly Archives: January 2006

iKitty Nano: Cat iPod Nano Cover


Looking for a cover for your iPod Nano to protect your precious nano from scratches? Also looking to get made fun of? Focal Point over in Japan has a solution to meet both of your needs! The iKitty Nano! The iKitty Nano is a silicone protection pouch shaped like a...

Video of Honda’s Newest Robot, Asimo


You know that robot Honda unveiled not too long ago – the one that serves coffee and more? Well, GoRobotics discovered about 10 minutes of demonstration video of Asimo on Google video. I was pretty amazed by the robot’s life-like movement. Go here for the video....

Magnets That Make You Sleep Easier


Ok, correct me if I am wrong, but a hell of alotta people are afraid that a coal sized lump is gonna pop out of their head any day now from the result of using a cell phone. Well, the guys over at EarthPulseTechnologies perhaps have gotten wind of this...

Treo 700w Review


PCMag got their mitts on a Treo 700w. From the sounds of it, the new Treo 700w has taken a couple steps backwards and a few steps forward. First off, the 650’s 320×320 screen has been replaced by a 240×240 dimmer version in the 700. Also, its QWERTY keys have...

Pink iPod Nano


In anticipation of Valentine’s day a UK site called iPodWorld has the 4GB Pink iPod Nano. We’re not sure if you gotta pay for the preloaded music, but no doubt romantic heart felt, gonna-make-you-vomit songs will be suggested. The iPod Nano’s Pink flesh will cost you, though. Regular 4GB Nano’s...

A Gun That Knows Who You Are


Remember that next time you shake someone’s hand, you’re giving up your identity. Sounds a little far fetched, but in the case of the SmartGun it could stop would be criminals and children from pulling the trigger. With $2 million in funding, scientists have developed a prototype handgun that can...

MP3 Player Headphones by Skullcandy


Remember the Macally Nano Headphones? Well, now it has a rival called the Mark Frank Montoya MP3 player (sounds like a “Scar Face? character) by Skullcandy. The removal MP3 player has a headphone jack for stand alone use (requires auxiliary battery pack be attached), and with an adaptor the headphones...

iPod Keyboard


At first glance the Razer ProTouch Keyboard looks like a stand alone data entry device for the Apple iPod. Although this would be novel, it would be really silly. The ProTouch, according to Razer’s Robert Krakoff, is the “world’s smartest keyboard?. It has 112 fully programmable keys to allow for...

Hasselblad 39-Megapixel Digital SLRs

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Yeah you read that title right. Hasselblad has announced the world’s first 39-Megapixel digital cameras. Say hello to the Hasselblad H2d-39. The camera is based off the Hasselblad H2 camera, but uses a true 39-Megapixel CCD censor. Each file will be 78 megabytes in RAW format. The device will take...

Blue RAZR V3 Confirmed


We’ve seen the RAZR in black and pink this year. But you ain’t seen nothing yet. Motorola officially confirmed that the RAZR V3 will be available in Cosmic Blue this January. This time around, Motorola will be shipping a customized moible accessory pack with the new Cosmic Blue RAZR. This...

4GB SD Card @ 22.5mb/s


A blog that I read daily recently touted a SD card for having a 2GB capacity and a 22.5mb/s transfer rate. I was doing some surfing today and stumbled upon one better: a 4GB SD card with 22.5mb/s transfer rate – that’s twice the capacity. Cost you $200 from Surplus...

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