Monthly Archives: January 2006

Pink Bluetooth Headsets


Cable & Wireless is hopping on the pink bandwagon with their latest Bluetooth headset. This candy pink Bluetooth headset should make it a must have accessory for your hot pink RAZR. Should be available for around $60. It looks like Bluetooth headsets are becoming less cyborg eye sores and more...

Body Phone

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Not a lot to tell here, but most certainly something to look at. The Snake phone appears be purely conceptual, and based on its design looks as though the device would be worn as an accessory around the forearm. It is touted as a “fashion phone with an emotional body...

AirCable Wireless Headphones Review


I had some time to play with a pair of AirCable Bluetooth HiFi Headphones. The following are my first impressions, and after a period of time I will provide updates if justified. The AirCable HiFi headphones at first felt cheap. They collapse for storage, and I thought its plastic band...

Samsung Portable Projector – SP-P300ME


We recently saw a preproduction review of the Mits 1lb portable projector – pretty small for what it offers. Following it in better style is the Samsung SP-P300ME. Weighing slightly more then the Mits at 1.5lbs (probably due to its metal like finish), the Samsung portable projector features a Carl...

Computer Cup Holder


The Thermal TakeXRay turns any 5.25� drive bay (i.e. CD slot) into a slide out beverage tray with an embedded cigarette lighter. If need be you could probably jam an ashtray in the cup holder and walla, you have the quintessential smoking computer accessory. Cost you $20 over at ThinkGeek....

1DINPC Car Computer

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Korean company 1DIN has introduced a computer for your car that will fit in where your car’s stereo goes. Car radio heads are measured in terms of DIN’s. Most cars have anywhere from 1DIN to 2DIN’s to play your stereo. The PC, with its clever name, will fit into a...

GPS Tracker World Tracker SMS


If you have serious jealously issues and you’re the stocking type, you need one of these in your spy kit/stocking arsenal. What is it? Low jack for your girlfriend, of course. This tiny device is a GPS transmitter, and for a nominal fee ($40-90) can send text messages to your...

NES Shaped Mice


You gotta be a huge fan of the NES video games to tolerate one of these. Its shape isn’t remotely ergonomic, and a result one would probably start developing hand sores within a few hours. Then again, that’s the price you pay for a few minutes of hard earned nostalgia....

512MB WiFi Locating Wireless Adaptor


If you’ve got a USB Flash memory stick in your pocket your probably an on-the-go type. This in all likelihood means you’re rock a laptop and utilize wireless internet. If so, then you’re gonna love the TRENDNet’s 512MB hotspot locating, wireless adapting USB memory stick. Built in LCD displays memory...

Cleaner Clothes for Up to 1 Month


Samsung will begin selling its Silver Care silver ion emitting washing machines sometime this year. In case you don’t remember silver ions, in recent, have been embedded in a number of consumer products ranging from refrigerators doors to cell phones to inhibit the growth of bacteria – also found in...

Runaway Clock


Clearly you remember the Blowfly Alarm Clock (the flying alarm clock)? If you are still struggling to drag yourself from the clutches of sleep, and like many discovered that the Blowfly was just conceptual, you may be in luck. The Clocky Alarm clock takes on the same principals as the...

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