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GPS Parrot 3400 Add For PDA or Phone

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If you own a PDA or phone equipped with navigation software, but lack the actual GPS part, then you consider the Parrot Bluetooth 3400 LS-GPS. Once the Parrot and your PDA/Cell are linked via Bluetooth, the Parrot 3400 sends GPS coordinates to the PDA, which then calculates your position on...

New Apple Patent for iPod Wireless Transmission


According to Macsimum News, Apple has filed a patent for a new wireless VHF/FM/RDS transmitter that will be added to the iPod. What does this mean? Basically, you will be able to send not only your tunes wireless to your RDS compatible radio, but the ID3 tags as well. Macsimum...

Mitsubishi 1lb PocketProjector Preproduction Review


PCMag has a preproduction review of Mitsubishi’s super small 1lb pocket project. They thought it apt enough for the casual non-commerical use, but found it lacked the necessary illumination for professional presentations. What makes this projector in class all its own, aside from its small size, is that it’s LED...

AMD Plans to Counter Intel’s Viiv Platform


AMD plans to release computers that are more compatible with the home media center. Much like Intel’s Viiv platform, AMD hopes to make their computers and its processors more compatible “to create digital photography, audio, and video…that can been enjoyed on a television set using a remote control.? They are...

Zicplay Slide MP3 Player


The Zicplay Slide MP3 player comes in multiply capacities (256MB, 512MB and 1GB) and colors (red, blue, black and gray). But the coolest features is its slide-functionality that opens to reveals its control keys. The device plays MP3 and WMA formats. It can also record your beautiful voice, and measure...

Samsung 3.6 MBps HSDPA Cell Phone


HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access), a 3G cell phone network, is meant to be the high speed replacement for GSM / EDGE. But maybe you didn’t realize just how high speed. Last month Cingular launched its implementation of a HSDPA network known as BroadbandConnect. However, their initial implementation has...

Samsung Nexus and Helix XM portable players


Samsung has introduced two new XM portable players — the previously announced Nexus and the Helix. Both have hard drives and support MP3 / WMA playback as well as recording XM content for later playback. The Nexus, with its black and white screen, will come in at $199 and $299...

Mac Mini Killer


If there is ever a company to out-do these days, it’s probably Apple. Rumors are floating that the Mac Mini will be reissued as a Home Media box, but it looks like a Stockholm company hopes to step in the ring with ’em. The Kaspel Home Media Center is reminiscent...

Faster SD Memory Cards


Eastaman Kodak and Lexar Media unveiled its new highspeed SD memory cards this Monday. The new cards purportedly are designed for rapid fire shots, high frame rate video recording, and fast transfer to computer. “By using a KODAK memory card that reduces the lag time between shots and optimizes full-motion...

Earth Quake Home Alarm System


If you’re living in a high risk earthquake area, like me here in sunny California, then you might appreciate the early warning the earthquake alarm box could provide. The QuakeAlert is battery powered and provides up to a 2 minute early warning of an impending quake. The box works by...

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