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Levi’s RedWire DLX iPod Compatible Jeans

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Okay so we’ve seen integration between the iPod and a jacket. We’ve even seen the iPod hook into your belt. But what about the man who needs an iPod compatible pair of jeans? Thanks to a partnership between Apple and Levi’s, we’ll all get our wish. The new Levi’s RedWire...

Run Windows on the New Intel Apples


Apparently, with a little bit of technical know how you can theoretically load Microsoft’s Windows OS onto the new Intel based Apple computers. Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, said in an interview Tuesday that Apple won’t sell or support Windows, but hasn’t done anything to...

RF Wireless iPod Remote


I know a lot of you are pretty upset because the Macworld announced FM iPod Radio Remote doesn’t live up to Apple quality and design (feels a little like the ROKR situation). I personally thought they could do one better on looks. Putting that all aside for a sec, check...

Electrocute Yourself – A Test of your Manhood


I love games that inflict pain – remember the personal Lie detector that shocked if you fibbed? Now you can get four of your favorite buds together and go head-to-head in a pain match. Grab the joy stick, start the music and watch the button flash red. When it goes...

MacBook Pro: new Apple notebook


The new Apple Powerbook replacement has been announced! The MacBook Pro. The fastest notebook… ever. The MacBook Pro features Intel dual core processors. According to Apple the MacBook should be 4 to 5 times faster than the G4 Powerbooks. Holy crap. The initial MacBook will ship with a 15.4″ screen...

iPod AV Connection Kit


Apple announced the new iPod AV Connection Kit during today’s keynote. The iPod Connection Kit will include everything you need to connect your iPod to your TV and stereo. When connected to your TV / stereo, you will be able to watch videos, view photo slideshows, and listen to music...

iPod Radio Remote Announced


I am not sure if I should be disappointed or excited, but at least Apple’s new iPod Radio Remote add on uses RDS, a technology we mentioned in a recently acquired patent by Apple. The iPod Radio Remote is a wired remote control that connects via the headphones, and provides...

Ulitimate Mobile Home


In a recent design competition GMC conjured up a mobile home meets SUV. Dubbed the GMC Pad, “an urban loft with mobility,? it is designed to be a technologically advanced dwelling alternative to purchasing a home in LA. The vehicle is powered by a diesel-electric hybrid system which powers its...

Matsushita Fuel Cell Battery for Laptops


Matsushita Battery has made a prototype for fuel cell use in laptops and demonstrated it at CES 2006. In this demo, they had a fuel cell mounted on a laptop computer (a custom built one by Matsushita Electric known as “Let’s note T4″). The prototype was able to run for...

A Sony PSP Controls A Real Life Sized Car


One of the reasons I was so intrigued by all the Bond films was because of the gadgets. In case you don’t remember, 007 in one of the more recent cheesy bond flicks – I think the one after Golden Eye – remotely controls his BMW via PDA. Ripped from...

Xbox HD DVD Confirmed

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Well, it looks like we now have confirmation that Microsoft will release an add-on HD DVD player for the Xbox 360. In the past add-on peripherals such as this have had poor adoptability in the video game system space. To make the slope even more slippery for Microsoft, Sony will...

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