Nintendo Revolution release date: Thanksgiving 2006

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123 Comments to Nintendo Revolution release date: Thanksgiving 2006

  1. Wow. this is old, i remember doing a report on all game systems, back in december 05, We talked about all the game systems, what was new PSPs, PS3’s, Xbox360’s, Gameboy Nano (they wound up sucking.), and “Nintendo revelution.” we put a vote which was best PS3 won. (1 year later, who wins now? the wii XD)

  2. i can not believe it was well over a year ago when i made fun of the british bitch……..crazy shit man, crazy shit, i thought you all might like to know ince then i have expirienced with drugs and alcohol, i am going to be a freshmen, and i just recently bought a wii.

    -biography of conor lawlor

  3. Dont ask my name

    For God’s sake forget the uk no offense other religions anyways
    its comin out november 3rd so all yall can kiss my assssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!! Super Samsh bros Brawl (the definition of sweet)


    First of all the nintendo wii kiksASS bich and second STOP F******* fighting becauseamerica will blow up uk OK! The wii [or as it used to be called REVOLUTION]is the greatest systom this world has ever seen so microsoft can …… KISS NINTENDOs ASSSSSSS!!!!!!!!AND the wii will be realeased november’and will be atleast 250 bich.Geese, there now that that is over try arguing over games on the wii like…….SMASH BROS.BRAWL.

    MASTER G. OUT BICH!!!!!!

  5. hey Danny, I agree on your first message and that sounds like my kind of massage, but, not so fond on the second message. I live in America.

  6. sumone sucks……………………….. and i have herd from the nintendo wii ‘we’ website that it comes out in november 2006 i will defanitly be buying 1 because i have all nintendo consoles an this one looks to be better than the playstation 3 anyday and it priced at £170 in the uk

  7. U guys suck if u think America sucks. U can suck! cant you?Well, America is the best and you know it. And Nintendo is the best to all of you cock suckers. Now get back about the talking! GIRLS!!

    ( also, its coming in NOV.!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  8. Dear Nintendo Manager

    honestly I would love to see how’s the system graphic.Probably better than X-box 360 but might not better than Px3…..Even though it will cost alot.I will still purchase the revolution because it looks cool.Can’t wait till the day release.Thank you


  9. “Since we’re getting it first, who cares?”

    You are a MONGO.

    “The americans will bomb u al and lose”

    The americans are complete dip shits type in failure in google whats the first thing that comes up george w buse hahaha you cock lovers your country sucks and you SUCK!

  10. this is kinda of dumb the new contoller for the wii is going to be hard to use. I wish they made it the same as always. I mean cmon look at the 360 ans ps3 almost the same as the xbox ans ps2…………………….dumbness!!!

  11. its kinda dumb they made super smash bros for only the wii lol oh well im still geting the wii.

    p.s. any of you guy play rs if u do tell me ur username i add you guys.

  12. hey guys plz stop fighting like ohh america is beter or watever dude canada is pretty tight too and briten is too well back toe wat were spot to talk about they named the wii to mean as in we for everyone

  13. You people really need to get a life, gaming systems are not everything play some sports lose weight; i dont care about u damn brits, KILL THE MEXICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! note: we may be SLIGHT racist

  14. This forum has made me laugh. Now I truly appreciate all aspects of other’s culture. Thank you for this gift. =D

    I believe that the WII will come out around Nov/Dec and Twilight Princess for the WII will be there for it’s premire.

  15. And another thing gamecube rocks the whitehouse all suck and the video system of the year psp

  16. First off.. For those that want to whine and complain about who’s country is better and all that, let’s take into account that everyone has their own experiences and their own opinions. I personally think this is not the place to discuss that. This is a forum about the release date of “Nintendo wii” which I am never calling it that by the way. Just the thought of hearing people say “I’m going to go play with my wii.” just doesn’t do it for me. So, for me, it will always be “Nintendo Revolution”.


  17. Will's sister

    and 5th off-it’s not biscuit, it’s cookie. say it with me now, C-O-O-K-I-E! COOKIE! CEWKEE!

    I thought that it was supposed to be less then $250?! I am not going to lend Will any more money then I said I would….

    Why can’t you people shut up??????!!!!! All you Brittish people, stop coming in and insulting us americans! 1st off-swearing is for americans! 2nd off-kipper? 3rd off- go back to saying bloody hell. and 4th off-kipper??
    lol just kidding.

    It’s coming out before thanksgiving in America, just leave it at that!!

  19. First of all…march it didnt come out yet. so yall betta stop sayin oh its comin out in please!!!!!! ill stick wit chall..i hope in come out in november

  20. the revolution wont be released until november 24 acording to gamespot besides you better wait because it is going to be better than xbox 360 or PS3

  21. I also agree with these comments. I am a european and i think it is unfair america get the wii first. Also i’ve heard that wii will be released in Europe in March 2007. Fuckin U.S.A. Also we are best at football. (in ur American terms soccor)

  22. i have to agree… fighting over better countries is STUPID every county has it’s bette points, but if it’s bothering any of you England IS the better country and if u don’t like it stop speaking our damn language!! we don’t wanna speak the same as you american scum…

  23. Anonymous

    You people are all fuckin stupid. This is a board to talk about “Wii”, and yet, you are all talking about which country is better? Than there are some people that say “Oh stop fighting over which country is better, everybody knows england is better…” STFU.. It’s time to grow up people.

  24. Sorrow Breaker

    AH! I want WII so bad ;.; I want to play Red Steel SOOOOO BAD! -_-‘ I shall get Nintendo WII! No one will get in my way, not even the President! ‘>.>

  25. im sooooo happy they told me the price of the thing…. they say everything else but the god damn price.. or at least what they think is going to be…………….

  26. isnt this stupid. u lot r arguing about which countrys the best. to me america sucks. canada has really buff girls and great beer. and british well irland and scotland are racist. wales is the country no one cares about and england rule britin and we have no flaw. COME ON ENGLAND

  27. I definitely agree!

    I’m a Canadian and I think we should stop fighting about which country sucks more. Whoever started this American/British thing should die a horrible and painful death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Canacdians rule!

  28. nintendo should just set a realease date and stick to it, stop switching it around every now and then, only change the date if there are big problems that may effect the release date.

  29. i h8 the new name, nintendo wii sounds crap! Revolution sounded kinda cool, but wii just sounds stupid, little kids wanting the console will be asking “mummy can i have a wii?” and it just makes the awesome machine sound pants.

  30. dazzer ganza mouse

    for all you mongs skittin’ britain try goin to liverpool on your own in the city centre at midnight and we will just see who has the last laugh.

    p.s do not come cryin to me if you are found dead implaled on the beatles statue in cavern walks dumb ass yanks

  31. dude, i don’t even know why i’m checkin the release date cuz theyre jus gonna change it again. I read a nintendo power magazine last summer that said twilight princess was comin out novermber 2005. But since they werent advertising yet in october i figured they changed it and googled the game, i found out that it had been moved to april 2006. and now its november 2006. WHAT IS THE POINT OF GIVIN A RELEASE DATE THATS GONNA CHANGE IN A WEEK!?!?!?!?

  32. if you go to cheatcc and click on the nintendo wii go to relese dates it says it coming out november 17 the same time as twilight princess





    (or the gay-ass name “Wii”)

  35. corey hightower

    If the Revolution does come out in the summer, just make sure that nintendo makes a new super smash bros.

  36. corey hightower

    I hope that Nintendo will release the Revolution during the summer of 2006 because I’m getting excited about the price of it being at $99. I really look forward to it’s early release.

  37. Joseph Kovacs

    I think they should really decide when the revolution is going to be released they should just say on date and keep it one date, but when it does come out i am going to be sooo siked.

    P.S. Viva La Nintendo Revolution

  38. no one important

    Isn’t the revolution such a better name than wii. Wii sounds small and unimportant. Revolution sounds big and exciting. i have seen a picture of one of the games and it has good graphics.

  39. It’s funny to see you guys yelling at each other about which country is better. I’m a canadian (woo) but I wont be going ‘AMERICA SUCKS’ or anything, because i’m acually not an idiot. But: I dont really like Bush, or his oil-rage, or his ideas that War is the answer, thats it. America may be the richest country but they also consume like 90% of the Earth’s resources (or something)

    Well back to the topic: I dnot like the name Wii but that doesnt erally change much… I’m still gonig to egt it. BTW I was in the revolution site and they didnt post Super smash bros melee , is it nott coming out?
    (P.S I’m newly 13 :D)

  40. does anyone know why the developers changd the name to frinkin wii, revolutiion is so much better, i dont think im gonna get it anymore casue its called wii
    p.s. this is the same person that was named “british are gay”

  41. BigSteve

    Yeah I’m willing to bet the revolution (sorry i will never call it wii) will be sold out on opening day. Probably not the same shortages as the 360 tho. I mean since the revolution isn’t using any crazy hardware that’s hard to get your hands on, they should be able to produce enough. Finally +1 for an underpowered system!

  42. nintendo are great, microsoft (despite windows) are good, sony are fantatstic too. its funny to see the whole sub culutre around all this, like its only possible to buy one console or something and buying a console that isnt part of your avatar or postname is going to kill you. if you havent already consider getting a job and then buying all of them? or be extremely clever and set up a campaign to get sega to release a supprise console! wow, that would be a cool idea. how about a sega mega amazing super dooper… wooper drive 3? and on the topic of release dates will the Wii be out of stock instantly like the xbox 360?

    lets stop the whole britain america thing, i love america and american things



  44. This comment board is like the internet…90% complete shit with 10% useful information.
    I was just looking for the release date and I got a bonus debate on world cultures by 4 pre-teens…great. For everyone not of America…believe what pre-teens say as much as you would in your own culture.
    And for those that are saying that nintendo is stupid…why? You should be happy that we are so into nintendo…that’s one less person that will be trying to buy your PS2 or XBOX360 games…one less person to compete with.
    And also I don’t see how Nintendo messed up with Gamecube…it loads much faster than PS2, and other than the loss of the variety of games that Nintendo used to have it is the same as PS2. If anything N64 ruined nintendo because it pissed Sony off when they went away from a CD based system, causing Sony to develop the Playstation, causing competition and loss of alot of contracts.

  45. first, this article was either written by a 6 year old or someoner whom English was their second language.
    note to the author-there is a difference between the words “on” and “before”

    Nintendo claims there will be a working model of the Nin. Rev. at E3, so it will probably hit the market either in June or July. the sooner they get it out the sooner they can start earning money off of it.

    Nintendo rocks!!! The USA is the greatest nation on earth!!!!
    Britain and Canada can fight for second place.

  46. lol i think you guys tht arnt from america are all jellous… lol cause america is the richest country in the world and has the best army in the world… and best technology and best doctors and best everything :) why do you think everyone is trying to escape their country like cuba and mexico and crap and come to ours illegally..
    cause its the best ! :D anyways nintendo is retarded if they are thinking about releasing it in november because they messed up hella with gamecube and PS3 and the new halo are being released in novembor too so there would be hella compitition…

  47. OK, so back to the whole “release of the Revolution.” If I am not mistaken, the Nintendo Revolution is being unveiled on May 9th at E3, but I don’t know if it will actually be available for purchase before Thanksgiving

  48. To number 42, I think the guy who brought war up was talking about the revolutionary war of american colonists against the british. which was why he said we beat you in that war. You are thinking of world war II, and that doesnt make any sense either because the british and americans were allies in that war.

    Anyways, all that war crap was ridiculous anyways. I can honestly say I am shocked to hear Americans saying such detrimental things about their own country. Where is your pride? I lived in mexico for 2 years (love the food) and have come to realize how great of a thing we do have going in the USA. In mexico, their last president stole a ton of gold, money and national wealth and skipped the country before anybody found him out. has that ever happened here?
    “USA Sucks?” how would you know, have you lived anywhere else? did someone pick up your trash from the curb this morning? did your mom get a free welfare check from the government to pay for your sorry ass sit on the net all day and make posts on forums? sure there are problems that need to be fixed but i guarantee you wouldn’t like it anywhere else…. except maybe canada :)

  49. Being British and having an American girlfriend, I must say that not all americans have this view of course, seeing as the USA is really like 50 countries rolled into one

    However to that guy who said the brits were faggots……


    I would love to see him lost with no money in the east end of london in the middle of the night

    or perhaps faced with a team of angry crack SAS soldiers

    still faggots?

  50. Justin Reich

    I would just like to say that the anti-american and anti-british views expressed above do not (in any way, shape or form) follow the views of most Americans. We appreciate whatever help the Brits can give us, and greatly appreciate who may be our biggest ally today. Please note that by their poor grammar and spelling skills that they probably have not progressed past the third grade and their position should not even be considered.

  51. It will be unveiled on the 9th, not released. Nintendo will show off a fully functional model on this date just prior to E3, but it will not be available for purchase until later.

  52. Not only will the Revolution offer nostalgic favorites on a new system, but they are developing a completely new gameplay style (actually, several styles, from what I’ve heard are in the works). The XBox360 and PS3 are all well and good, but the Revolution verges on being a new type of product (and I always root for the company spurring new development in its industry).

    As a side note, I hope the non-Americans on this forum don’t actually take the comments on this board as “American” mentality. The 12 year olds who posted them obviously have some growing up to do.

  53. revolution, this is going to be the best console the world has ever seen! how many consoles have ever been backdatabale to the very first console that has been made? and for no extra cos

    this is a step forward for all true gamers!

  54. Bill Harold

    The thing that I find most entertaining about all this is that Americans blame Pres. Bush for making foreign countries hate us, and then they go and start needlessly insulting people from other countries on the internet. If anything is going to make people hate the USA, that will.

    Anyway, perhaps you get some element of pleasure from insulting others, but do yourself a favor and try and apply some actual intellect in doing so. That way you won’t come across as such a fool. The only thing name calling proves is that the offender doesn’t have the education to say something that actually means something.

    Let me guess, you’re already thinking about what names to call me aren’t you?

  55. “hahahahaa we beat you in the war faggot brit, noone likes you and you should die loser, faggot brit hahahahahahahahaha FAG ”

    words of a true moron.
    if you all wanna bash someone, bash someone worth bashing.
    like people that blow themselves up in hopes of having some 70 virgins.
    anyways, i’ve never seen such low iqs amoung americans as i do here – well, cept those in oklahoma that drive – but they are only a little more stupid then you bashers here.

  56. Last, First

    all i know is i have xbox 360 and if it were a woman i owuld make love to it all night long and nintendo SUCKS so it could join the party too and u know hwat? its hard to get a hard on in CANADA!
    its so damn cold u kno what im saying of course yo dont u brits and americans no wonder u cant win the war cuz u guys just can get along get a life make love stop bitching about stupid shit and the revoulution or GO or w.e. it is

  57. TheChronoTrigger

    While usa and uk fights about release dates and war…dont you guys feel bad for Mexico and them countries? I mean they probably arent getting jack shit…and if they do…its gonna be in a language they wont understand :P Hehehehee.

  58. ?????????

    All I know about the revolution is that it’s going to cost between $200 and $300 so I’m gussing about $250

  59. woao people…take it outside, not in front of a revolution discussion! the revolution, she will cry! yes well a dude at school saw a tv spot that is still to be confirmed that it is coming out in may. Also, they will call it the Nintendo GO which I find a despicable name for the upcoming console. The revolution will always be the revolution in my heart so I will defy nintendo and call it Revolution


  60. Yes, a very imature act by those uk arse’s and those usa tits, you should be ashamed………USA SUCKS

  61. blah balh uk arse blah blah usa tit blah blah….Pathetic!

    I would just like to add that I am too very much looking forward to the Revolution and will prob have to import one from America if they get there first :o)

    I very much like and was thinking of getting the black one, but now I think the white one would be very sexy!

  62. MUST these retarded americans bring the war into this when its supposed to be about the release of the Revolution? o.O

    p.s – Not calling all u americans retarded, just the ones that choose to be assholes.

  63. blahblahblah

    must we fight? I mean come on we are here to discuss about the Revoultion’s arrival, not about who sucks more thatn the other. I think the Revolution will be around thanksgiving. I want that so freaking much so they better hurry up and send it here already.

  64. you know that infra red styled controller its supposed to have, will it work with rear projection tvs? just wondering cheers

  65. oi who you calling a brit dick? i think you sir need to go outside and slap yourelf with a wet kipper and then come back and appologise.

  66. dont diss on brits, they have feelings too. i for one, agree that june sounds about right, and the $300 and below means good news for us people whom are limited in our supplies of wealth…(i think thats like, 150 pounds?) any ways, have fun with that british release date…

  67. I Am Just Wondering Where The Guy Got June 5, 2006…. That Is An Interesting Speculation. I HAve Also Heard May 27, 2006. But I Am Still Waiting For An Official Date To Be Announced. I Love My GameCube, And Can’t Wait To Get My Revolution.

  68. Well, whilest all you Americans argue over the release date of the Revolution, I will sit here, in Britain, With my crappy 2 Meg connection and wait for ANY news of the Revolution release date in Europe! You should think yourselves lucky!

  69. I believe that there are many speculated dates for the revolution’s much anticipated launch, some sites claim March, others claim not untill November. I am not saying any of the things you said were wrong I am just saying that The official date is immpossible to predict unless you have had clairvoyant visions you havn’t told us about.

  70. AAAAA, I do not know what to think! first I herd March… Well March is here and nothing, Went to Nintendo sites, then said June. So I’m sticking with the company! but it could be sold in Thanksgiving, Nintendo would be smart to put it out on Thanksgiving, because then everyone will go crazy when christmas comes and everyone will be buying NINTENDO REVOLUTION!

    but i’m not going to buy the system, I have a gamecube AND GAME CUBE ROCKS! I don’t know why everyone is saying its dead, to me IT’S ALIVE

  71. Herbert the Destroyer

    The end is near… hold your horses while there are still horses left… you won’t have them forever you know

  72. Anonymous

    OK, it appears a few people are just a bit uptight about this whole release date situation. Please do yourself a favor and keep yourself occupied until it does come out (work out, read a book, go on a date–with a woman!!!). When the Revolution finally makes it to your home, remember that it is a toy and not the Second Coming.

  73. Anonymous

    This site said “by” Thanksgiving, not “on” thanksgiving… dolt. But congrats, you do have a grade 1 reading level.

  74. I have been informed on the revolution will be for sale in march 2006 not thanksgiving i have discovered that is false!

    P.S. you suck faggots

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