Motorola SLVR 7 Released on Cingular

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27 Comments to Motorola SLVR 7 Released on Cingular

  1. I got this phone since….. a couple of moths ago (Im in Venezuela) AND I LOVE IT!!! It is an excellent phone… I love the quality of the camera and its sound. I JUST LOVE IT!!! It is perfect. I love Motorola. For me it’s okay. I am young girl and it has everything I can use.

  2. i liked this cellphone umm i think its worthit sumhow sumwhat wel idunno abou u guys buh i didnt regret wen i onlie had it for 20 days …

  3. Himanshu Bhardwaj

    Phone is good but I my set is getting rebooted very frequently. Battery backup is very less. itunes is a good mp3 player but song capacity to 100 songs is a disappointment. Picture quality is okay.

  4. I’ve had these phone since thanksgiving and i have to say that i really enjoy the i tunes plus its cool because its black and thin

  5. This phone is great. It is no dissapointment. The only thing i dont like is the only 100 songs for itunes.

  6. Brenda Siewert

    I’m not disappointed at all in my new SLVR 7. It has very good reception and strong signal and is quite responsive. The software is easy to use and everything is easy to set up. I didn’t expect it to be a PDA, and didn’t expect ultra fast online connection or for the keyboard to perform like a qwerty. I decided not to depend upon it for all my email when I’m away because I still carry a laptop. However, if you’re wanting something that does everything, get the Windows phones like the Cingular 2125 or a Blackberry.

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