When I was a regular commuter of public transportation, I realized it was a constant balancing act between my iPod’s volume and the screech of the train’s wheels. I didn’t want the music so loud that I would damage my ears, but I also wanted to hear my tuneage, and all the while drown out some of the damaging effects of the trains. The best solution was a pair of in-ear headphones. They cut out ambient noise, and at the same time don’t require as much volume to offset. The Air Force is very much like me, only they fly at the sound of speed and wear G suits. You see, they too face the problem of finding that perfect balancing act of audio over jet engine noise. ACCES (Attenuating Custom Communications Earphone System) hearing protection system combats this issue and reduces ambient noise by up to 30 decibels. So to save your ears jet fighter style, it’ll run $300.

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Christen Costa

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