Possibly the coolest USB cable since the PS/2 to USB cable. This IDE to USB 2.0 adapter let’s you attach an internal IDE drive (hard drive, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Zip drive, etc..) externally using one of your USB ports.

I know there’s been hard drive enclosures in the past, but think of the time savings! This is obviously not a permament solution for your external drive, but this should make data recovery a breeze.

Except for the fact you need to install drivers to get it to work. Lame. At least it will work with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Oh and you need to plug in the drive’s power into the wall using an included power adapter. Double lame. USB-powered would have been so much cooler.

But for $25.99, I can’t complain too much. Read more on the official page on the BT-200 USB 2.0 to IDE adapter.

Story via Red Ferret

Christen Costa

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