So I recently heard that Sega will be releasing a new Sega Genesis game some time in the near future – I know, pretty crazy huh? Anyway, if that isn’t enough to fill your “Altered Beast? like cravings, then check out the Axion AXN-1101. It’s a gaming pad with the following Sega Genesis games built in: Super Shinobi II, Altered Beast (boo ya!), Columns III, Shadow Dance, Flicky, Gain Ground, Alex Kidd, In The Enchanted Castle. The only catch is that you need an Axion Axi-Port Enabled Device (Compatible Modesl: RS-16-3912, AXN-6070A, AXN-6053, AXN-6090). That means you gotta make a small investment into one of their portable DVD players or LCDs. But who wouldn’t love to crank out a couple games of Altered Beast while ‘road trippin’.

Available here with a portable DVD player for $170.

Additional game pad details here.

Christen Costa

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