All in One Car MP3 Player – Power, FM Mod, and more

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52 Comments to All in One Car MP3 Player – Power, FM Mod, and more

  1. unfortunately my car is not provided with cigarette lighter. so wat is the other way i can use car mp3 player. any adapter i can use?

  2. I’m looking for a FM transmitter that works off of a portable external USB hard drive (120gb) in size… Any suggestions???

  3. our company is one only focus on Car mp3 fm transmitter.

    IF you have intresting to this product,plz feel free to contact with me . I will be glad to do that


  4. Hey guys, if you really looking for FM transmitter to play MP3 music on your car, save time, money and installation, try iQfm, this is the best ever I have try. it is my father’s day gift from my son. I love it so much

  5. I just brought one last week at a swapmeet, it call iQfm, I paid $50, it’s a bit expensive than others, but believe me, it works better than I expected. You can search it in Yahoo now.

  6. Does anyone knows if there are versions with RDS? It would be nice to have the song name (ID3 tag) on the radio display…

  7. we have many models of this products, the newest is the one with FM transmitter function and flash memory inside. So you can store the music in this item directly and play it , not need MP3 or usb flash disk and so on. it is more covenient . we also have the ones with LCD or LED.

    The price is very competive if you need more for we are the factory in China.

    pls visit our webist if you have interest.(

    any query,pls send email to me

  8. i blug the device to the cigarette lighter & the Freg. of the FM Radio like the Freg. in device , I need Help

  9. I went out and bought one of these little gadgets – I’m very happy with it. I picked one up in my local ‘in store’ mini department store for twenty quid. The only problem I could find is that it obviously ties up your cigarette lighter. To solve this problem I found a cigarette lighter splitter so I can charge my phone at the same time!

  10. Javier Castillo

    Hi friends. I need to know, where i can buy this product. only need a URL in Europe. Thanks.

  11. I had the original: This Back-up Q MP-308 audio transmitter. It retailed for $50 in Janaury 2005. It was lame for long shows/podcasts because it would lose its position when you turned off the ignition. AND it had no FFWD button; it only had a track-forward, track-backward, and play/pause. I hope that they improved it since the original! See a thumbnail of the original MP-308 at

  12. does anyone know if thise works with laptop harddrives in a usb case? or wouldnt it supply enough juice?

  13. You can buy these now in Target or Wal-Mart. Around 25-35 bucks I think. Only difference I see if the store ones only broadcast on one of 5 frequencies.

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