Daily Archives: January 31, 2006

Motorola SLVR 7 Released on Cingular


Motorola and Cingular released the SLVR 7 today. If you remember, we featured a review of the SLVR sans iTunes from Mobile Review back in October. This time PC Magazine has taken a quick look at the designer phone, and boy am I already disappointed. The SLVR is touted as...

Spy Phone – Eavesdrop on Your Guests


The Telespy Motion Detector Telephone Alarm may not foil a robbery, but it sure will expedite the divorce paper work. Activated by heat changes in the room due to an occupant’s movement, the Telespy Phone rings a programmed number and allows you to eavesdrop for 30 seconds via an amplified...

Automatic CD Ripping


So you have a collection of CDs, you wanna rip them to your computer, but you don’t wanna stick around inserting disc after disc into the drive. Whatta you do? You can always opt for the cheap labor (i.e. little brother), or pick up Disc Maker’s Pico CD/DVD Duplicator and...

Another Portable, but Retro Looking Digital TV/PMP


The Tube ND100 may look retro, but this little PMP device can receive a DMB signal, supports touch screen control, has a video out, and supports SD/MMC memory cards. According to DAPReview the Tube like protrusion on its rear can be removed, and may in fact be an add on...

XBox 360 Software Update


Microsoft has released the first XBox 360 Software Update. The next time you connect to XBox Live, your XBox should automatically download the update. What can you expect from the January 2006 System Update? Look for all this excitement: Improvements to the Xbox Guide. Option to retain your saved games...

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