Daily Archives: January 27, 2006

Dual Faced Rotary Watch


Skipping from London to NYC means a good ol’ change of the watch time. Sure you can sport a digital watch that supports multiple time zones, but personally I wouldn’t get caught dead with one of those on, unless it was in some sort of trendy binary format. To avoid...

Beer Belly: Hidden Booze Bag


If you wanna look like a stuffed pig, but drink past the 7th inning (Fenway stops serving beers) then why not the Beer Belly. Just a few shades from looking like one of those pregnancy emulators used to scare sexually active teens, the Beer Belly straps over the shoulders, around...

OtterBox iPod nano and Video case


Otter Products has announced the OtterBox for the iPod nano and the iPod video. The OtterBox is a waterproof, virtually indestructible clear casing for the iPod. The OtterBox makes the iPod nano and iPod video waterproof (up to 1 m) and drop-resistant. Using waterproof headphones, you can even take your...

Hot Damn Its a Hot Coat


A little chilly on the slopes or 2 mile trek to school; through the snow nonetheless? You need to consider the Self Heating Electric Coat. In just 5 minutes you will be toasty warm as it heats to 40 degrees. Powered by, get this, 6 AA batteries (not included) stored...

Flash Drive Embedded Nike Sneaker


Purportedly HongKong based Think Silly received a USB Flash drive embedded Nike Sneaker. Not too much too tell, but we had hoped the shoe was wearable but it appear to be a size 0. Looks like the Nike sneaker separates mid way to reveal the drive. Now how does this...

Olympus Water/Shock Proof 7.1MP Digi Cam

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If you are like most people, you’ve dropped at least one digital device into the toilet bowl or on the ceramic kitchen floor. Do yourself a favor and save the stupefied, guilt ridden looks by considering something like the new Olympus shock proof,and water proof digital camera. With a 7.1...

MoGo MouseBT: Bluetooth PCMCIA-sized mouse


No room for a mouse in your laptop bag? Sick of losing those little mice? Newton Peripherals may have a solution for you with the MoGo MouseBT. The MoGo MouseBT is a Bluetooth wireless mouse that fits in your laptop’s PCMCIA slot for storage and recharging. The mouse is optical...

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