Daily Archives: January 26, 2006

Pantech U100 Slider Phone


Pantech brings the movie’s, or at least a comparable screen to your pocket. The U100 slider phone features a 15:9 screen, high speed EV-DO network access, a microSD slot to store your music and movies, and a 2 megapixel camera wth auto focus. The U100 will also have video and...

USB Calculator


Okay, I swear this isn’t just another lame USB desk accessory that draws on USB for just power. There’s actually a reason this USB calculator features a USB connector. The USB Calculator acts as a standard battery-powered calculator with LCD. However, when you plug in the calculator to your computer...

Bouncing Digital Camera


Take a ride on a bouncy ball. That’s essentially what you’re doing when you toss the SatuGO web/digital camera. What you have is a digital camera with 1GB of NAND memory encased in some serious protective layers. When the SatuGO digicam hits the ground, it snaps a 3 megapixel photo....

Samsung XM Helix Review


DAPReview has posted their first impressions on the Samsung XM/MP3 Helix. For the most part they liked what they saw, noted great battery life and sound, but were turned off by the steep price tag of $400 and the additional $10/month XM fee (stuff we already knew). At just 1GB...

UN Backs $100 Laptop


It’s official. The UN has given its full support to the $100 laptop program. So hopefully we will see the green hand cranked laptops produced some time this year and distributed to countries with children in need. Negroponte, who heads the project, hopes government or donors will purchase the laptops...

Video/Audio Recording Flash Light


Putting aside its uber expensive price tag ($2500) the MII Flashcam would be the perfect addition to the show Cops. Why? Because with its video capture capabilities you would have a front row seat every time. The 2.2lb flashlight not only puts out 85,000 candles of light from its 100,000...

Large Screen Samsung DMB/MP3 Player Device


Not too much info is known about this PMP/DMB, but apparently GenerationMP3 got an exclusive on the Samsung device. As you can see it has a rather large sized screen proportionally speaking, and an external antenna for receiving DMB broadcasts. The device was apparently fully functional with menus for video,...

Kerala Trance Binary LED Watch


Ready to show your nerd pride? Then pick up the new Kerala Trance watch. This LED watch displays the time in… binary. The Kerala Trance has a 4 bit row on the top to display the hours and a 8 bit row on the bottom to display the minutes. Of...

Nintendo DS Lite announced


The long-rumored Nintendo DS Lite has finally been announced. The Nintendo DS Lite will be a smaller DS with a brigther screen. The Nintendo DS Lite is to the DS what the Gameboy Advance SP was to the Gameboy Advance. The DS Lite is much trimmer than the original DS....

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