Daily Archives: January 25, 2006

Updated Nabaztag WiFi Rabbit


Remember that cute little Nabaztag bunny – you know the one that connected wirelessly to the Internet and did tell-tale stuff to indicate weather, incoming email, etc? Now there’s an updated version that sings and talks. Soon to be available in the UK, which means that the little guy is...

Temperature Indicating Faucet Heads


Remember those commercials back in the 80s of the angry red hot pot that suggests you turn the handle in to avoid burns on small, curious hands? Well, a German company called Hansa has taken a similar cue by designing temperature indicating faucet heads. As the water passes through the...

Samsung E770: first VibeTonz phone


So you ready to feel those ring tones already? Well, luckily Samsung has already released the first phone featuring VibeTonz — the Samsung E770. The Samsung E770 will debut on the Orange network in the UK. A quick reminder about VibeTonz for those of you who missed it. It’s an...

Nintendo Revolution release date: Thanksgiving 2006


It’s official. The Nintendo Revolution will be released by Thanksgiving 2006 in North America. Japan should see the system by Christmas. No word yet on Europe. Guess there goes that sumultaneous world wide launch. Since we’re getting it first, who cares? The release timeframe was confirmed by both company president...

Massive Home Media Center with LCD – OrigenAE S210


If you are looking for a Home Media Center/Server that could take out a small moose, then look no further. OrigenAE’s S210 is a monster of a media center and sports “an internal composite aluminum heat sink bay that can hold up to 12 hard drives, an integrated 12-inch touchscreen...

RFID Tracking Shopping Cart


Sticking to a strict diet is not easy task. Every hand picked grocery item’s nutrition panel must be meticulously read to assure the proper intake of protein, sugars, carbs, etc. The LCD Shopping Cart should speed this process by providing the nutrition info via RFID. Looks like there is some...

Pink Bluetooth Headsets


Cable & Wireless is hopping on the pink bandwagon with their latest Bluetooth headset. This candy pink Bluetooth headset should make it a must have accessory for your hot pink RAZR. Should be available for around $60. It looks like Bluetooth headsets are becoming less cyborg eye sores and more...

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