Daily Archives: January 20, 2006

Tiny MP3 Player External Speaker


We’re not sure what this thing is called, but the translated page says “Die Speaker?, and we assume it is powered by the MP3 player itself (hence its light weight of 1.5oz). In any case, this little ditty is a convenient and compact solution for an external speaker for your...

Fingerprint Phone – WX310J

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I am always concerned that I will lose my phone and expose my secrets, phone numbers, and drunken ass videos to the public. Thanks to Japan Radio you can now easily protect your phone’s contents through the use of biometrics – no more remembering yet another password or combination. Just...

Urine Powered Batteries


Okay, forget fuel cell mobile phones, it’s time for urine powered cell phones. Fuel cells require either fuel or water. Both not always on your person. But think about what you’re always carrying in your bladder. Luckily some physicists in Singapore have. They’ve developed a battery that can be powered...

Gas Powered Blender


Tailgating means food and drink – period. Usually you get all sauced up before you go into the game or concert, but end up drinking the same old ice soaked cooler beer. No longer will your taste buds lay dormant with the gas powered blender. Yeah we really don’t care...

LED License Plate


Got something to say to that hottie whose tailgating? Wanna piss of the car full of pearlies who drive 25 in a 50? Then you gotta nab one of these license plates from Gadget Universe. Programmable and controllable via a remote, the Programmable LED license plate can store up to...

Solar Charging on the Cheap


Taking a trip to nether regions of the Earth (i.e. no electrical plugs)? Then you might wanna pick up one of Solar Style’s solar chargers. The great thing about these devices is that they ain’t expensive. Prices seem to range from $30-50. The devices work by collecting the Sun’s energy...

iRiver G10, or V10, To Be Released in US


Mobilewhack is reporting that iRiver will in fact release the V10 (brethren to the U10) in the US sometime this year. We were under the impression it held the model number G10, sports 4 to 8GB of memory, runs on the Windows Mobile 5 platform for video gaming and utilizes...

The Coolest PDA


Holy smallness Batman! What do you think these are? A pen with a hidden camera? Wrong – it’s much better! Although they look purely conceptual these pen’s could be the future of mobile computing as we know it. Not much explanation is needed, but in short the Pen Computer projects...

Creative Zen Vision:M Review


Anything but iPod has posted their Creative Zen Vision:M review. The Creative Zen Vision:M is the blatant iPod video ripoff announced last month. I’m not saying all PMPs are iPod Video ripoffs… but come on… look at the thing! Anything but iPod concluded: I have one major problem with the...

Onkyo AV-Gate: TV Stand with Speakers


Onkyo has announced the Onkyo AV-Gate, a TV stand with 3 built in speakers, a subwoofer, and a 5.1 receiver. The integrated speakers are three 40W CB-SP1200XT speakers. The subwoofer is the DHT-SW1. The speakers are all placed in the row below the TV and the subwoofer / receiver is...

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