Daily Archives: January 18, 2006

Estari 2-VU ProPlus 1520M Dual Screen Tablet

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Although the Estari 2-VU has been floating around for sometime now, it still is the first dual screen mobile computer, and damn neat to boot. The ProPlus 1520M features two touchscreen (1024 x 768) active matrix displays. Enter in data via handwriting recognition…or turn one of the screens into a...

Cingular 2125 Smartphone Released


Cingular has released the Cingular 2125 Smartphone today in retail stores across the U.S. The Cingular 2125 is Cingular’s first company-branded B2B cell phone. The Cingular 2125 runs the Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system and is manufactured by HTC. It will feature: Bluetooth, Infrared, and Mini-USB connectivity support for EDGE...

Pantech IM-U110: Ultimate Mobile Jukebox


Pantech Group has announced its new IM-U110 mobile phone. It’s a mobile phone designed to be the “ultimate music jukebox.” It features a built-in flash memory card allowing for 1 GB of storage. The phone can play AAC / AAC+ / MP3 / MPEG4 / H.264. On the outside of...


Pong Clock Now On Sale


Remember the Pong Clock? Well, it’s now available for preorder for $240 and ships in February. For some reason I thought it was much larger, but perhaps that is the prototype version only. Also, according to MoCoLoco, you should be able to play the retro game handheld style....

Self Dictating USB Digital Pen

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There seems to be some skepticism to how exactly this USB digital pen works, but it sounds like Red Ferret is heading in the right (get it) direction. So what is this USB pen thingee you ask? As you lay ink the pen dictates to the USB equipped flash memory...

USB Glowing Mouse Pad


Here some more desktop paraphernalia for you. It’s the Allsop desktop enhancing mouse pad with 4 blue encompassing LEDs. Just plug the pad into your computer and the surrounding bubble glows a brilliant blue. Next purchase: neon lights for your cars undercarriage. Available here for $35. Via GadgetCandy...

USB Beverage Chiller By CoolIT


Remember the guys that recently brought us the Xbox 360 cooling system? To help promote their line of computer and game cooling systems they’ve released a USB beverage chiller – no external power supply need. The USB cold plate is designed to keep your already cold beverage cold, and does...

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