Daily Archives: January 17, 2006

Auto Laundry to the Rescue


I am totally one of those people that dreads doing laundry. I hate the organizing, the loading and worst of all the folding. Maybe if I could afford, let alone fit one of these Body Boxes in my apartment I would find every other Thursday open for drinking and beer...

Speaker Pillow


Face it. Headphones and sleep just don’t bode well together when it comes to comfort. To fall asleep to your most relaxing concerto, or to just dull out the ringing in your ears (aka tinnitus) you need to consider the Sound Pillow with built in speakers. We’re not sure how...

i-Blue Inexpensive GPS Add On Unit


The i-Blue High Sensitivity Bluetooth GPS Receiver is an add-on portable GPS unit compatible with PDAs, Laptops, and Palm Handhelds that support Serial Port Protocol (SPP). It boasts a 30 hour battery life, and auto sleep mode enabling up to 360 hours of standby time. Charging the device takes only...

Samsung Digital SLR Announced


Samsung launched its first Digital SLR camera today. Developed in conjunction with Pentax, the GX-1S 6 megapixel SLR is in fact the Pentax DS2 rebranded. Nonetheless, the GX-1S weighs 505g, can shoot 2.8 frames per second, and sports a 2.5? LCD. The GX-1S also utilizes a new advanced Schneider Kreuznach...

Apple iPod Radio Remote Reviewed


It looks like iLounge managed to get their hands on the recently released iPod Radio Remote. Pretty impressive given the 3 week shipping time. What did they think of the new iPod Radio Remote? Pros: A convenient iPod shuffle-like remote control for iPod 5G and nano with the added ability...

VibeTonz – feel your ringtones


Pretty soon you’re going to be able to feel your ringtones thanks to VibeTonz. This new technology will be featured on a Samsung and hitting the market soon. This embedded chip basically allows the phone to produce a range of ‘vibro-tacticle’ sensations. While obviously current generation phones can vibrate, this...

Gold connector USB cables

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Cable manufactuers have been doing this for years. Suckering poor consumers out of more money. While gold is one of the best conductors out there (low resistence), it’s also a very expensive metal. In fact, both silver and copper, both cheaper metals, have lower resistence. However, science aside, there’s always...

iKitty Nano: Cat iPod Nano Cover


Looking for a cover for your iPod Nano to protect your precious nano from scratches? Also looking to get made fun of? Focal Point over in Japan has a solution to meet both of your needs! The iKitty Nano! The iKitty Nano is a silicone protection pouch shaped like a...

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