Daily Archives: January 16, 2006

Video of Honda’s Newest Robot, Asimo


You know that robot Honda unveiled not too long ago – the one that serves coffee and more? Well, GoRobotics discovered about 10 minutes of demonstration video of Asimo on Google video. I was pretty amazed by the robot’s life-like movement. Go here for the video....

Magnets That Make You Sleep Easier


Ok, correct me if I am wrong, but a hell of alotta people are afraid that a coal sized lump is gonna pop out of their head any day now from the result of using a cell phone. Well, the guys over at EarthPulseTechnologies perhaps have gotten wind of this...

Treo 700w Review


PCMag got their mitts on a Treo 700w. From the sounds of it, the new Treo 700w has taken a couple steps backwards and a few steps forward. First off, the 650’s 320×320 screen has been replaced by a 240×240 dimmer version in the 700. Also, its QWERTY keys have...

Pink iPod Nano


In anticipation of Valentine’s day a UK site called iPodWorld has the 4GB Pink iPod Nano. We’re not sure if you gotta pay for the preloaded music, but no doubt romantic heart felt, gonna-make-you-vomit songs will be suggested. The iPod Nano’s Pink flesh will cost you, though. Regular 4GB Nano’s...

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