Daily Archives: January 12, 2006

4GB SD Card @ 22.5mb/s


A blog that I read daily recently touted a SD card for having a 2GB capacity and a 22.5mb/s transfer rate. I was doing some surfing today and stumbled upon one better: a 4GB SD card with 22.5mb/s transfer rate – that’s twice the capacity. Cost you $200 from Surplus...

Cell Phone Charging Radio


Until fuel cell technology becomes ubiquitous and cheap, you might wanna opt for good old fashion hand cranked power. The Cell Phone Charging Hand-Crank Radio also receives AM/FM, 7 weather channels, VHF TV audio, and has ALERT function to receive National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration weather warnings. It also includes...

Audi/B&O Telescoping Speaker System


Bang & Olufsen recently unveiled is Advanced Sound System for Audi A8 and S8s. Putting aside its 1000 watts of power, and 14 individually powered speakers, the B&O’s A.S.S (insert joke here) incorporates the use of a dashboard mounted speakers called Acoustic Lens. When the system is powered on, the...

Medis Fuel Cell for Cell Phones


Fuel cell seem to be all the rage nowadays. Whether it’s a fuel cell car or even a fuel cell clock. And why shouldn’t they be? The promise of water powering our gadgets more than any other battery technology is pretty amazing. However, there’s certainly a lot of hurdles to...

Water Powered Clock


If you need a little more novelty in your life and already have the water powered calculator, then you need one of these. It’s a clock that runs on the liquid of your choice, and apparently does so by extracting electrons and converting them to electricity via a fuel cell....

BUOY wireless floating speakers


If you’re anything like me, you enjoy your music while sitting in your hot tub outside. However, my outdoor speaker is at least 5 feet from my hot tub. Unacceptable. Imagine if it could have been floating alongside me IN the hot tub. Stop imaginging! Thanks to the BUOY, it’s...

Jet Fighter Rated Headphones


When I was a regular commuter of public transportation, I realized it was a constant balancing act between my iPod’s volume and the screech of the train’s wheels. I didn’t want the music so loud that I would damage my ears, but I also wanted to hear my tuneage, and...

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