Daily Archives: January 9, 2006

A Sony PSP Controls A Real Life Sized Car


One of the reasons I was so intrigued by all the Bond films was because of the gadgets. In case you don’t remember, 007 in one of the more recent cheesy bond flicks – I think the one after Golden Eye – remotely controls his BMW via PDA. Ripped from...

Xbox HD DVD Confirmed

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Well, it looks like we now have confirmation that Microsoft will release an add-on HD DVD player for the Xbox 360. In the past add-on peripherals such as this have had poor adoptability in the video game system space. To make the slope even more slippery for Microsoft, Sony will...

The Nano Belt Buckle


If you have a penchant for buying cheesy belt buckles at Urban Outfitters and like to be blindsided with witty marketing messsages – such as ‘waist management’ – then you’ll love the TuneBuckle. It’s a belt with an iPod Nano holder that does double time as a belt buckle. I...

USB Memory Stick Memory Card Reader


The pic pretty much explains it all: a USB stick with a SD/MMC card reader embedded. The USB memory stick by Didigo comes in multiple colors, and sizes ranging from 128MB to 1GB. A simple yet brilliant idea. Totally one of those “why didn’t I think of its?. Product page...

Optimus Keyboard shipping February 1st

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Remember the Optimus Keyboard we told you about in September? With over 600 posts since then, I’ll give you a quick reminder. The Optimus Keyboard, designed by Russian design firm Art Lebedev, features completely customizable keys. They keys have no labels, but instead OLEDs (organic ligh emitting diodes). You can...

Siemens Dressman: ironing mannequin


No my wrinkled shirts aren’t my style, despite what people say. My shirts are proof that man was never meant to use an iron. However, thanks to the Siemens Dressman, there may yet be a chance for mankind. The Siemens Dressman has been designed as a replacement for your iron...

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