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Cell Phone records are for sale

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Suspect your girlfriend is cheating on you? Looking to spot a mole at your company? Thanks to an underground service on the web, you can get access to anyone’s cell phone or land line call records. Seem like a scam? Unfortunately, it’s not. The FBI ordered a list from locatecell.com,...

Clarion Announces iPod Compatible Head Units


Clarion has announced two new head units that are iPod compatible. Both the VRX765VD (single DIN) and MAX675VD (double-DIN) provide touch screen control of any 3G or later iPod. iPod video playback is also enabled on both unit’s 7� fold out screen, which hopefully won’t lead to peeps veering off...

3D Television Soon To Arrive


Philips is setting the stage to begin production of a 3D enabled high def television set in two years, according to Philips’ CEO, Rudy Provoost. Although the movies themselves won’t be produced in 3D, the TV will be able to produce a three dimensional image from a 2D encoded disc....

Wondering ‘What is Viiv?’


All the press we’ve seen lately about the Intel Viiv platform never out rights explains what it is or does. For instance, how would one home media center without it, differ from one with it? I think THIS ARTICLE puts it in perspective....

Ferrari Computer Monitor – Vroooom


Ferrari makes luxurious sports cars, right? In recent, I have seen their brand appear on more and more products. First I saw a pair of co-branded Puma/Ferrari shoes. Now they have entered in to the laptop and computer display world as well. This 20″ Monitor is actually made by Acer,...

Wireless Phone Remote Control Cars


If you need something novelty, then Motorola has your answer. With a few flicks of your phone you can control tiny RC cars, called Wireless Wheels. The cars are compatible with select Motorola iDEN handsets. Here’s an excerpt from the press release: Wireless Wheels are full-function radio controlled toy cars...

Built In 7 Game Sega Genesis Game Pad


So I recently heard that Sega will be releasing a new Sega Genesis game some time in the near future – I know, pretty crazy huh? Anyway, if that isn’t enough to fill your “Altered Beast� like cravings, then check out the Axion AXN-1101. It’s a gaming pad with the...

Dell XPS 600 Renegade PC


It’s not too often Dell impresses the gadget community. However, with its newly introduced Limited Edition Dell XPS 600 Renegade PC, they’ve done just that. Watch out Alienware, the XPS 600 is set to dominate the gamer market. This system features a “factory overlocked” Pentium Extreme clocked in at 4.26...

Google Moon lunar launches


Explored all you can on Google Earth? Maybe it’s time to the moon. Google has released Google Moon in the vein of Google Earth. You can explored the Moon’s very boring surface. The only landmarks you’ll find are our various lunar landings. Other than that you might find some craters....

Sony Mouse Phone


Sony has announced a new mouse that can also double as a …. phone. Are you into using your computer for free phone calls using services like Skype? Well just pick up that mouse and chat away. Story via Akihabara News...

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