Daily Archives: January 3, 2006

Mac Mini Killer


If there is ever a company to out-do these days, it’s probably Apple. Rumors are floating that the Mac Mini will be reissued as a Home Media box, but it looks like a Stockholm company hopes to step in the ring with ’em. The Kaspel Home Media Center is reminiscent...

Faster SD Memory Cards


Eastaman Kodak and Lexar Media unveiled its new highspeed SD memory cards this Monday. The new cards purportedly are designed for rapid fire shots, high frame rate video recording, and fast transfer to computer. “By using a KODAK memory card that reduces the lag time between shots and optimizes full-motion...

Earth Quake Home Alarm System


If you’re living in a high risk earthquake area, like me here in sunny California, then you might appreciate the early warning the earthquake alarm box could provide. The QuakeAlert is battery powered and provides up to a 2 minute early warning of an impending quake. The box works by...

Darwin Nominee: Mobile Phone Thief Answers


Swedish police caught a thief after he stole a mobile phone and other goods from a house in Overtornea. Police called the phone and the idiot forget to hang it up, allowing police to eavesdrop about his getaway. Police later tracked down the getaway taxi he hired following the robbery...

H5 Mini Motorola Bluetooth Headset


Motorola today announced the released of its H5 Mini Bluetooth Headset. The H5 is an in ear speaker and microphone that picks up voice via the ear canal. It weighs a mere .26oz and measures 33x41mm in diameter. The headset should be available sometime in the first half of 2006....

Industry First: Belkin High Speed Wireless USB Hub


Belkin has just drawn the curtain back on the industry’s first Wireless USB hub utilizing high speed UWB. The CableFree USB Hub that features four ports, allows cord free connections from the hub to USB compatible devices, along with cable free connection from the computer to the hub. UWB enables...

New Bluetooth Logitech Headphones


Logitech announced two new versions of its wireless Bluetooth headsets. Designed to be used not only with music, the headsets will be cell phone compatible too, with an embedded microphone featuring their patented Windstop technology. The two models, the HS 210 and 200, have square (embedded mic) and round headphones...

105? Screen for iPod Video


Emagin, makers of personal display systems, is planning to show off its iPod Video compatible EyeBud 800 at CES this week. The device is designed to natively plug into the iPod Video and displays video to one eye in a ‘borg like’ manner. According to Emagin, the EyeBud will display...

ZyXEL AG-225H: Wi-Fi hotspot detector


On the road and ready to steal some wireless internet? ZyXEL has the gadget for you! The ZyXEL AG-225H is a small USB device that can scan for wireless hotspots before you even turn your computer on. When the AG225H detects a Wi-Fi network, the LCD screen shows the SSID,...

iRiver G10 Windows Mobile Game Console


The parent company of iRiver, Reigncom, has announced the iRiver G10 in time for CES 2006. The G10 will be a portable gaming console running Windows Mobile 5. The device will have between 4 and 8GB of memory. The 800×480 screen will feature 3D graphics. More to come at CES...

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