Tekkeon has announced the availability of its new ezTalker ET3000, a ridiculously cool Bluetooth headset.

The new ezTalker uses the Bluetooth 1.2 standard to get a cleaner sound quality.

But that’s not what truly seperates the ET3000 from its competition. The headset features a 64 x 48 LED screen. According to Jerry Yang, president of Tekkeon,

ezTalker digital has been designed to enable users to virtually cut the ties with the mobile phone. By taking advantage of incoming caller ID, a stored call list, and a long list of advanced features, users can answer and make calls directly from the headset, without having to juggle the headset and the mobile phone.

According to me, the screen let’s you see the last 15 incoming calls, check out connection status, battery level, and volume level. The buttons on the headset let you answer calls, end calls, ignore calls, make voice activated calls, and power the device.

Even with its LED screen, you can expct to get 120 hours of standby and 5 hours of talk time using the rechargable battery.

The headset weight justs under an ounce and is priced at $119.95.

Now that’s a Bluetooth headset!

Story via Designtechnica

Christen Costa

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