RFID tags are expected to show up in just about any consumable. Take for instance a Best Buy. No longer will they have to do inventory checks of its shelves to know when to order more Xbox 360s. A computer will tally the number present based on the RFID signal, and order more when the supply dwindles or runs out. We haven’t seen this technology emerge main stream yet, but a company called Akindo Sushiro has created sushi plates with the RFID tags embedded. The plates are designed for conveyor belt sushi houses. There are a number of them out here in LA. You simply go into the Sushi restaurant and pull the plates you want from the belt and munch away. Usually the waitress counts the plates at your table, but in this case the meal is tallied by a mainframe and the bill is presented to the customer.

Via Sspeier

Christen Costa

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