Remember when we announced in September that there would be a Palm Treo running Windows? Well thanks to the FCC, we now have some official information on the upcoming Windows Mobile 5.0 running, Verizon-exclusive Palm Treo 700w (could the w be for Windows?)

The FCC has released the entire filing for the Palm Treo 700w as well as the user manual. From the looks of things the Treo 700w is going to be very similar to the Treo 650. They’ve made the unit a little more stylin’, slightly resembling the more angular, recent BlackBerries. The home and dropdown button, which no longer apply to Windows, are now replaced by action buttons.

Other than it running Windows Mobile 5.0, the Treo 700w user manual makes the unit out to be an updated Treo 650. Guess we’ll just have to get our hands on one for your full review.

Story Via Mobility Today

Christen Costa

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