Monthly Archives: December 2005

ReplayTV DVR Software announced


ReplayTV, the company that helped pioneer Digital Video Recorders alongside TiVo, announced that it will no longer be making standalone DVR boxes, and will instead create DVR software for home theater PCs. ReplayTV will be partnering up with Hauppauge to offer software that will let you record live television on...

Iomega Tera series device: 1 TB desktop hard drive


Iomega has released the Iomega Desktop Hard Drive Tera Series, an external hard drive enclosure holding 4 250 gig hard drives, making 1 TB of storage. The enclosure ships with four 250GB SATA drives, each running at 7200 RPM, with 8 MB cache that can be removed and replaced. The...

Unotron Washable Mouse


Unotron has announced its line of SpillSeal-protected washable optical mice. The washable mice are available with or without scroll wheels, standard or overmolded rubberised finish, and available in grey or black. But of course the big feature is that the Unotron’s mice design configurations and materials allow the mice to...

XBox 360 Second Launch at Best Buy Tomorrow


Best Buy will be getting a second wave of XBox 360s before the holiday. If you’re interested in standing on line at a second launch of the XBox 360 at Best Buy, tomorrow is your chance. Get ready to start camping outside Best Buy tonight because there will be limited...

Shower Belt: a bum’s favorite accessory

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Ever just need to take a shower on the go? Yanko Design and designer Carl Hagerling have a fashionable answer for you — the Shower Belt. This nifty belt features a shower head belt buckle. It functions as a shower head, doesn’t look like one. The belt itself acts as...

Mobiado Mobile: The Phone for the Desiring Individual


If you are sick of blending in with the cell phone crowd, then set your hip self apart with this ‘crafty’ mobile device. The Mobiado’s Professional Executive Model handset is crafted from Cocobolo or Honduras Rosewood – you choose. They have also added a touch of aluminum, acrylic, and stainless...

Trendy Geek iPod Video Invisible Shield


So now you can put down the iPod ‘kid gloves’ and breath easy. Because Trendy Geek has released its protective Video iPod skins, dubbed Trendy Shield (how fitting). There’s no sticky stuff to ruin the iPod’s cover either – it presumably sticks to your iPod via static electricity. There’s a...

Styrofoam To Build Houses – Grancrete


A product that was originally designed to encase radio active waste is making Styrofoam twice as hard and more durable then concrete, and won’t crack under extreme heat. It’s called Grancrete, and it can be sprayed onto metal, wood; even ‘woven sugarcane stalk,’ and within 20 minutes you have concrete-like...

Xbox 360 Disguised as an Atari 3600


Seth Fogie from has managed to transform his Xbox360 into an Atari 3600 (really a 2600) in disguise. He has provided a walk through on how he accomplished this retro fit. His first attempt resulted in an overheat, but after some trouble shooting he was able to keep it...

Wurlitzer Jukebox Available with iPod Dock


Wurlitzer – you know the company that has been producing juke boxes well before the days of the Fonz – is now offering one of its classically designed juke boxes with an iPod dock, a 100 disc player, and Bose Sound. The One More Time CD iPod is available for...

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