Monthly Archives: December 2005

Cell Phone To Start Your Car


KeyLessRide purportedly plans to unveil a cell phone based feature that allows you to keylessly enter your vehicle. We should hear more about this at CES 2006. Would you trust access to your $150k Bentley to a cell phone? Afterall, it is a widely lost device, but one could argue...

Toshiba TS803 Cell Phone Review


Trustedreviews took a look at the Toshiba TS803 cell phone and they were not entirely impressed. They did like its intuitive face front control for MP3 use, but found the TS803’s sound quality poor, and large size a bit cubersome. Furthermore, the phone would not accept VBR encoded MP3s and...

Nielsen to Track Your DVR Use


Nielsen, widely known for its TV viewership system, will begin to track DVR trends. Nielsen plans to assess three aspects of DVR use: …a live rating that measures the number of viewers who watch a program at its scheduled time; another that takes into account viewers who watch a program...

Clip-on MP3 Player


This MP3 player’s feature set looks pretty mediocre. It only has 128MB of storage, supports WMA and MP3, lacks and LCD screen, and connects via USB 2.0. The cool part? The niche? It can clip on to anything. Your shirt, your belt. Let your imagination run wild. It measures in...

KeyPhantom USB Keylogger


KeyPhantom has introduced the first USB hardware keylogger. A key logger or keystroke logger, is a device or software program which records each keystroke used by a user. Great way to steal passwords. Or according to KeyPhantom, it’s a great way to back up your typing. Yeah. The KeyPhantom features...

New Standard Keyboard: a new keyboard layout


Okay before I introduce the New Standard Keyboard layout by John Parkinson, it’s time for a little history lesson… The QWERTY layout on your keyboard in front of you has been around since it was patented by Christopher Sholes in 1868. It was originally designed for typewriters and frequently pressed...

Palm Treo 700w set for January 2006 launch


Palm has confirmed that the Palm Treo 700w will be launching January 2006. That’s right, you can have a Palm Treo running Windows Mobile 5.0 next month. In case you missed all of our other posts on the Treo 700w, this smart phone will debut exclusively for the Verizon Wireless...

Super Duper Computer Lounge Chair


Sign me up, cause if I had one of these I would surely be burning the midnight oil at my 9-5. The Nethrone let’s you kick back jet fighter style, and comfortably enjoy your screen time. This ergonomically designed and engineered chair can be electronically controlled, and sports the always-necessary...

Monolith Premium MX700 MP3 Player


Apparently, this isn’t just another MP3 player. The aluminum casing has not been screwed or glued together, but fused in special manufacturing process called x-Protect. To further their claim to fame, somebody tested the MX700’s durability by running it over with a car, shooting the MX700 with a BB gun,...

Thumbdrive Car FM Stereo Transmitter


The Thumbdrive Car FM Stereo Transmitter from Sewell let’s you turn any USB Flash Drive (aka thumbdrive) into a full-fledged in-car MP3 player. The FM Transmitter plugs into your cigarette lighter / DC power outlet in your car for its power. Choose the FM station via the FM channel selector...

New York transit strike: Segway to the rescue!


We’re entering day two of the New York transit strike. Well, you guys are, I’m still in Florida. Still, millions of New Yorkers are forced to walk while the Transport Workers Union continues to strike despite the $1 million in fines they’re receiving daily for fining. Apparently, there’s laws barring...

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