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Web Apps

Search for URL Availability as You Type – Instant Domain Search

When searching for a new domain I hate waiting for the query to process. Check out this domain search tool. As you type it tells you availability. Looks like it runs on AJAX, but that is just a theory as I didn't check the source.

RC Helicopters Fly Like Bats Out of Hell

You gotta check out these videos of these guys flying RC helicopters. They fly them every which way - upside down, left right, cirlces - and make it appear like they're on string or some sort of hidden axis. Click here for video.


Turn Poisonous Air into Oxygen with No Power

Utilizing a technology once used by Nasa, you can now breath easy knowing that the Oxypia Pine L-3 is close by. The device, through the use of a solid material, converts poisonous air to breathable oxygen with out a power suppl...

Mac Mini External Hard Drive Look a Like

Iomega has introduced an external hard drive that mirror the look of the Mac Mini called the MiniMax. As you guessed it, the hard drive is designed to be stackable with the Mac Mini. Comes in 2 size: 160GB($199) and 250GB($249)...


Coffin Shaped Bluetooth Mouse

Just a weird looking mouse, and not so comfortable looking. One would think by happenstance it looks like a coffin, but no, they called it the Coffin Aluminum Mouse, so they meant it to look like one. The Bluetooth Coffin mouse...

Scratch Resistant Car Paint

Nissan claims to have created a scratch resistant car paint. The paint apparently contains some special resin that repairs scratches. Dependent on scratch intensity, and the temperature, the scratch could disappear in 1 day to ...


Philips Candeo 120″ LED TV for sale

If you thought the Samsung 102" Plasma was big, you haven't seen nothing yet. The new Philips Candeo 120" LED TV will be for sale in the US after CES 2006 in Las Vegas. So how much will this 16:9 aspect ratio 120" television se...

Turn off and on this guys Xmas lights and watch it happen

Some crazy dude has used X10 camera and control units to allows web surfers to turn 26,000 off his Christmas lights and deflate Santa, Frosty, and ?hulk?. Check out the site that was recently "dugg," at: here. The camera's and ...


Temperature Controlled Butter Dish

Nothings worse then toasting your bread and quickly destroying it with rock solid butter. On the converse, smothering your bread or toast with too much butter (when its super soft) can be sickening (although my English mother w...

USB Fondue Pot for Fun

I feel like this product has been kickin' around for a while, but what the hell: There are products you use and there are products that you gift. In the case of the Fundue its the product you gift (kinda like those damn Urban O...


Nokia 6233 Phone Announced

Last but not least, Nokia unvieled its Nokia 6233, the follow up to the 6230. Based on the press release the phone is marketed towards the business sector. The 6233 supports the ability to synchronize calendars, contacts, and t...

Nokia 6234 Announced for Vodafone (EU Market)

Nokia unveiled its 6234 Vodafone phone today (that's a mouthful). The 6234 features a high rez 2 megapixel camera, digital music player with stereo speakers supported by microSD memory, and a number of other features including ...