Monthly Archives: December 2005

Measure stress through saliva


Japanese medical equipment maker Nipro has built a gadget that can measure your stress levels through your saliva. The Cocoro Meter measures the level of amylase, a digestive enzyme found in pancreatic juice and saliva that increases when people are under stress. To use the Cocoro Meter, you simply hock...

Burton/R.E.D. Audex Bluetooth Headphone Snowboard Hat

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Hitting the slopes never seemed so stylish. In addition, to the Audex Jacket, there’s also the Burton/R.E.D. Audex Padded Hat with integrated Bluetooth speakers (glorified headphones, but that wouldn’t be snowy slope sane). You can receive calls on these ear mitts turned headphones, and also listen to music as well....

Cell Phones to Detect Cancer


How ironic would it be if you could detect cancer with a cell phone’s camera? Ironic of course, because cell phones have been thought to cause cancer. Moving on from my pessimistic thought… A psychologist in Israel has developed a technology that soon maybe able to detect cancer, especially breast...

New VK Phones Announced


VK released a bevy of new phones this week. The follow up the VK2000, the supposed rival to the RAZR, called the VK2010 and VK2100 are slim candy bar style phones (not much bigger then a business card) and feature Bluetooth and MP3 playback. The VK2100 was due to have...

Burton Releases MP3/Cell Phone Audex Jacket Tomorrow


Burton will finally release its Audex MP3/cell phone integrated jacket tomorrow, December 10th. The jacket will be available in select Burton stores for $600. Burton’s Audex jacket lets you ‘seamlessly’ control your MP3 player or cell phone from its integrated backlit digital display. Some of the specs include 1 touch...

Beer Pouring in just 2-3 Seconds


Ah, wouldn’t it be the day when you didn’t have to wait behind a roaring crowd at the local tavern to get your hands on your favorite pint of beer? Thanks to one inventor lines to the tap may dissipate due to a revolution in pint pouring. It’s called the...

iPod Bed


Music is a part of just about everybody’s life, and god knows we all enjoy the tunes while were in the sack – be it were waiting for the sandman to arrive or spending the evening with a special someone, if you know what I mean (insert really bad Austin...

Yahoo! Answers Beta launched


Yahoo, Google, and MSN seem to be following each other into every search space. No matter who leads the way, the other two are soon to follow. So it’s no surprise that within a few months of Google launching Google Answers, we’re given Yahoo! Answers. Yahoo! Answers works by users...

iTunes Signature Maker


A guy named Jason Freeman has created a tool that generates a ‘short musical signature to represent who you are and what you listen to,’ based on your music library. Download it, give it a shot and let us know the results. The app is Thawte Verified. Update: I just...

Official Release Date of Samsung T809 Announced

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We have finally gotten the official word that TMobile will release the much anticipated (understatement) Samsung T809 slider phone on Monday December 12th. Here are the official specs on the phone: Ultra slim black slider design with internal antenna Display: 262K-color TFT, 320×240 pixel EDGE high-speed wireless access Quad Band...

Recycle Water Using Plants


Not all gadgets have to be of the man made kind. Scientists in the UK have developed a system to clean water by the use of plants. The system is designed to be used with water in a house that has already been used once. The used water, perhaps from...

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