If you’re like many high end gadget freaks and have your computer overstuffed with overclocked compontents, then we may have found the power supply for you.

The MGE XG Magnum is a high-end power supply (PSU) that dissipates heat via a massive heat pipe system with a protruding copper radiator instead of the usual fan This advanced airflow and cooling system allows the PSU to run at a completely silent dB and dissipate the heat outside of the tower.

The Magnum features true 600-Watt output via its modular cable system. Each cable has its own jack on the power supply so you only need to connect the cables you need, removing excess cable clutter.

The MGE XG Magnum also features an LCD display showing the tempurature, wattasge, and all 3 voltage lines as well as voltage activity lights.

Story via BIOS

Christen Costa

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