So apparently its not so difficult to hack a fingerprint scanner. You can either chop the finger off, or – if my memory serves me correctly – take a copy of the print, and apply it to the scanner. Ok, moving on from my spotted memory… The scientist dudes over at Fujitsu think they can do one better, and then some. They call it the “Contact Less Palm Vein Authentication Technology.? The machines scans vein structure and layout, and even takes into account blood flow – thus resolving the chopped hand issue – you know the one you so often run into. The palm scanner works by emitting and infrared light ray of some sort, which then illuminates the vein patterns. The device then scans and captures the vein layout, and is represented by dark lines “as the deoxidized hemoglobin contained in the vein vessels absorbs the infrared ray? (see pic). Not blood flow, no dice. Expect Fujitsu to show the tech off at CES in Vegas this coming week.

Via Gigaom

Christen Costa

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