Daily Archives: December 29, 2005

Studio-Quality Triode-Tube iPod Speakers


Hammacher Schlemmer has released the world’s first tube-based iPod speaker system this week. Their Studio-Quality Triode-Tube iPod Speakers are also the most expensive iPod accessory coming in at $3,999.95. That is unless you count a BMW iPod-compatible car as an accessory. These speakers feature an aluminum-encased amplifier housing four powerful...

The Stackable Car


MIT’s Smart Cities research group, led by William Mitchell, former head of the school of architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is rethinking how cars should be designed and used. Frustrated by the lack of emission free practical vehicles, the have designed a concept vehicle that is “a...

PSP Bluetooth Headset Dongle


Looking for some wireless headphones for your Sony PSP? Chinese manufacturer, Ever-e, has the solutiton for you. They’ve made a Sony PSP Bluetooth dongle. The Bluetooth headset dongle is designed to fit perfectly on the PSP without protruding much. It plugs into the headphone output, so it will technically work...

Biometric Vein Palm Scanner


So apparently its not so difficult to hack a fingerprint scanner. You can either chop the finger off, or – if my memory serves me correctly – take a copy of the print, and apply it to the scanner. Ok, moving on from my spotted memory… The scientist dudes over...

“Your Guilty of Tax Fraud? by Text Message


If it isn’t bad enough that your girlfriend can harass you via text message when you forget that all important 6 month anniversary, well now the government can too. South Korea plans to roll out a program that will allow cell phone users to be notified of legal proceeding via...

Detailed Weather By MSN Wireless


If you live in an inclement local you probably watch the weather channel rise and shine. I know I did when I resided in the great state of Massachusetts – snow one day, 60 degrees and sunny the next. Boy, would have my life been just a tad easier, and...

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